Igniting Innovation in Healthcare

Benoit Berthoux, managing director, west region life-sciences lead, Accenture   
Elizabeth Otterman, managing director, customer insights and growth, Accenture

Allison Balmer, vice president, strategy, Agilent Technologies
Aashima Gupta, head of global health solutions, Google Cloud
Tammy Soares, managing director, west region lead, Accenture Interactive

The life-sciences industry is facing epic disruption caused by socio-economic trends, healthcare 'consumerizaton' and the new science landscape, and catalyzed by innovation in technology, digital and data. Speakers will share their research on what this means for life-sciences companies and how they must pivot to evolve their business and harness innovation. We will also present Accenture's point of view on the innovation architecture needed to enable life-sciences companies to accelerate transformation.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand trends disrupting the industry, how life-sciences companies are responding to activate their organization and the impact we see in market
  2. Understand the imperatives for change, critical components of successful innovation and the pivot companies must go through to evolve their business