Ignite Your Personal Brand: Market Your MAGIC

Amy Glass, CEO, BRODY Professional Development

Hard work alone isn't enough for women to get hired and promoted. You must have a personal brand and market it … even if it's uncomfortable. Over the years as an executive coach/trainer and corporate speaker, Amy recognized that, in many cases, this has prevented high-performing women from being hired, recognized, admired and promoted.

BRODYPro has a five-step strategy for personal branding and self-marketing based on the acronym MAGIC. The five steps Amy will discuss are:

  1. Paying attention to Manner (how they come across)
  2. Ways to develop Advocates
  3. Encouraging people to Grow (through expanding their knowledge/skills and willingness to take risks)
  4. Providing strategies for getting Involved (industry and company)
  5. Communicate their expertise (to expand their exposure with writing and speaking).

This interactive and experiential breakout will help participants market themselves – without bragging – to ignite their personal brand.