How to Keep Up with Digital Health Trends, Pick the Right Trends to Act On and Drive Coordinated Innovation Across Functional Areas

Beth Schurman, partner, Herspiegel Consulting   
Brian J. Torres, principal, Herspiegel Consulting

The session will begin with an overview of digital health trends across the industry and introduce a framework that will enable teams to evaluate applicability to their business function. Speakers will discuss trends impacting clinical development, commercial interaction with customers and health economics. Speakers will then take the group through a discussion of types of innovation and applicability to the pharma industry. Speakers will help teams consider how to stay on top of trends and evaluate opportunities for innovation independently or through partnerships.

Learning objectives:

  1. Characterize current digital health trends.
  2. Characterize innovation objectives for organizations in the digital health area.
  3. Establish a decision model for digital health innovation projects.