History | HBA


In early 2004, a small group of HBA members from the New England Region, mainly Boston, who were scientists from various companies and professional backgrounds, felt there was a need for members of the HBA with a scientific/medical background to gather and collaborate. These women introduced the concept of a Women in Science (WIS) affinity committee to the chapter board and it was decided this newly formed committee would research the needs and interests of female scientists and utilize these findings to create a business plan, program goals and to launch programming featuring prominent female scientists from the Boston area. In 2005, the Boston chapter WIS team created and presented a proposal to the HBA Board of Directors to launch a WIS Group. These efforts resulted in the establishment of WIS as an affinity subgroup within the HBA. The Women in Science affinity group recognizes co-chairs Margaret Lee and Buket Grau as our founders from the New England Region.

Later, the WIS affinity group grew and was established in different regions including the New York/NJ Region in 2006, Mid-Atlantic Region in 2009, Mid-Western Region in 2010, Pacific Region in 2018 and Southwest Region in 2017.