Healthcare 2030: The Future of Primary Care, In Color! | HBA

Healthcare 2030: The Future of Primary Care, In Color!

Sponsored by AbbVie and HBA’s Women in Science (WIS) affinity group

Leigh Householder, EVP, managing director, insights and innovation, Syneos Health
Sara Holoubek, CEO, Luminary Labs
Illustrator Artist: Nevada Lane, founder and principal consultant, Lane Change Consulting
(Moderator) DeAnna Steiger, director, US business transformation portfolio, Amgen Inc.

Smart watches, smart phones, smart cars and virtual assistants have infiltrated our day-to-day lives. How will this wave of technological breakthrough revolutionize primary care physician visits in 2030? Join this breakout session to see healthcare’s most innovative thinkers paint a vivid, colorful picture of primary care in the year 2030 right in front of your very eyes. This will be an uplifting session where we co-create a view of what will be possible and leave inspired to lead and create the best possible experience for future patients. 

The rapid pace of technological advancement and, more importantly, adoption, allows us to imagine a new realm of possibility. Bring your optimism, “yes and” mindset and points of view of how technological trends are shaping the future for a creative session where we paint a picture of primary care in the year 2030. 

Following the discussion and illustration, you’ll be challenged to reflect on what experiences, knowledge and leadership behaviors you will need in order to successfully lead in that 2030 healthcare business environment.

The artwork created will be displayed throughout the conference to spark further dialogue and debate on the future of primary care.

Learning objectives: 

  1. Illustrate the future of primary care through panel discussion and participant interactivity
  2. Discuss the possibilities of healthcare in 2030 and how new technologies will influence primary care
  3. Predict future business opportunities that may exist and how you can lead your organization to thrive in that environment.

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