HBA's virtual world

As our mission states, the HBA is committed to facilitating career and business connections through strong business networks and education. To better serve you, no matter where you are located, we are expanding our virtual offerings. In 2016, look for program topics and formats that suit your needs – whether subjects relevant to your career and personal brand, increasing your business acumen, or preparing you for your role as a chapter leader – the HBA will offer a robust selection of virtual offerings and recordings to help you accomplish your goals.

Our popular and well-received Career Conversations quarterly webinar series continues in 2016. Join us June 7 for Conflict Management: Keeping Your Cool When You Come Under Attack from an Irrational Person

Our in-person events serve to strengthen your network. Now expand that virtually visiting our online HBA Community . You can update your profile by adding your photo, professional accomplishments, start a discussion or join a conversation. Connecting with thousands of HBA members in the HBA Community is a great way to engage and connect.


Liz Stueck
HBA senior director and head of education and programming