HBA Texas Mentoring Program

If you are ready to take charge of your career, the HBA mentoring program may be right for you.

When you join the HBA Texas chapter mentoring program, you have the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about your personal strengths, leadership style and emotional intelligence
  • Learn how to communicate and work with people with different leadership styles
  • Create a development plan with clear objectives and action plans to help you grow as a leader
  • Create a strong peer network
  • Help establish and foster career goals
  • Teach or learn critical leadership skills
  • Give back to others in the community and the profession
  • Find out how others handle similar work-related challenges

Both mentors and mentees will be matched into mentoring circles of four or five mentees with one or two mentors – based upon experience and skills, learning objectives, common challenges and diverse experiences.

The program is only open to HBA members. Join today.


Is this program right for you?

Mentees: Be ready to invest in yourself, take stock, set goals, stretch yourself and be willing to accept advice and support from seasoned healthcare executives. As a mentee, you should be able to devote the time to fully participate in — and help lead — your group. This is a mentee-driven program, and the more you put in, the more you’ll gain. Plan to devote at least three to four hours each month to engage in, and benefit from, this program.

Mentors: It’s time to give back to others and share your knowledge and expertise (and know that you’ll gain from the process, too). You need the time – and requisite professional experience – to support your mentees. As a mentor, you don’t provide all the answers; you help your mentees make progress toward their goals by identifying resources, asking questions, offering guidance, giving feedback  and sharing your experiences and perspective. In addition to professional coaches and organizational development professionals, many accomplished executives, managers or team leaders make wonderful mentors. If you’ve led an organization or headed a successful team, you could be a mentor.

Groups audience: