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HBA Philadelphia Women in Science Affinity Group

Our Mission Statement:

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Greater Philadelphia chapter (HBA GP) Women in Science Affinity Group (GP WIS) focuses on broadening the awareness of career paths available to women in science and advancing the careers of women in science. 

Fundamental differences exist between the professional development needs of women in scientific roles, those with scientific backgrounds in non-traditional roles, and the general HBA membership.  There is a strong desire across HBA members with scientific or clinical backgrounds to have programming that is specific to their needs. The goal of the GP WIS affinity group is to provide a broader understanding of the professional options for women scientists in the healthcare industry, and to provide opportunities to network with successful women who are in scientific roles, or who are in non-scientific roles (with scientific backgrounds). 

GP WIS will offer several events and activities throughout the year that will allow participants to:

1) build awareness of existing and new career paths;

2) master skills required to achieve career goals;

3) offer opportunities to network and connect with potential mentors and role models with scientific backgrounds.    


To learn more please contact us.

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