HBA Offers Companies

  • Community - the HBA joins together leaders who work collaboratively on common objectives. This shared focus creates a stronger work force, diversity of thinking for better decision making, and positive bottom line results for committed organizations.
  • Highly connected leaders in the healthcare industry who provide employees with a great pool of potential mentors, networking and new business development opportunities
  • Chapters both inside the US and within Europe, providing support for a large, distributed work force
  • Primary research to support both the company and the individuals’ efforts to advance their careers - the E.D.G.E. in Leadership Study
  • Recognition of leaders and initiatives with awards such as:
    • Woman of the Year (WOTY)
    • Honorable Mentor
    • STAR
    • ACE Award
  •  Programs that complement/augment your company’s efforts to advance the leadership development of your employees:
    • Leadership and skills development programs, and hands-on volunteering
    • Networking and relationship building at both the local and global level
    • Recognition of volunteer accomplishments
  • Specialized Affinity programs for specific interests such as:
    • Women In Science, Women In Technology and Women In Finance

Companies that engage with the HBA as Corporate Partners gain numerous benefits as they visibly demonstrate their leadership in the healthcare community by acknowledging the importance of women leaders and the investment they have in their own employee’s success.