HBA NY/NJ region Sponsorship and Corporate Relations

HBA NY/NJ region sponsorship and corporate relations team will ensure that HBA Corprate Partner companies in the areas served by our chapter (New Jersey, NYC/Westchester area and Southern CT) areas as well as companies sponsoring NY/NJ region events have a liaison to ensure the strategic needs of the company are met. The corporate relations function is your resource to find out how to further enhance value from the multiple local NY/NJ region chapter events that occur throughout the year. Consider us the hospitality function to help you optimize your engagement and connect you with the right resources to meet your needs.

Additionally, HBA NY/NJ regionprovides multiple venues by which cutting-edge topics are presented and explored, offering what we believe to be the best value program and networking around. The corporate relations team will be your connector to offer you the opportunity to sponsor these highly engaging events. By sponsoring an event with the local HBA NY/NJ region, you will enhance awareness of your company, strengthen your image of supporting employee development, and be nurturing your talent in a visible and cost-effective way.

To learn more about HBA NY/NJ region event sponsorship opportunities contact us.

The corporate relations team also provides on-site informational presentations about the HBA for corporate partner companies with facilities in the NY/NJ region. This type of presentation can be provided to a steering committee/sub-group for diversity/women’s initiatives, to help strengthen the alignment between the HBA and your organization’s internal women’s initiatives or other diversity-related initiatives. Presentations can also be arranged for employees as a lunch & learn educational program (or during another time of day), to help enhance awareness of HBA within your organization, and encourage employees to become active in the HBA and take advantage of the many valuable benefits and resources that involvement in the HBA either at a local NY/NJ region level and/or a global level can provide.

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