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HBA Los Angeles is the premier catalyst for professional leadership development of women in healthcare in the Los Angeles area. HBA LA is comprised of passionate, competent and results-driven women in healthcare and adjacent industries, who are determined to get one step closer to gender parity. Our motto is “We are a United Force for Change.” We believe it takes a village to move the needle and we need to equip current and future leaders with tools to be adaptive, diverse, innovative and resilient. Join HBA LA for networking, mentoring, education and friendship. 

Most of our membership is based in Northern Los Angeles and comes from traditional biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. HBA LA has proudly established corporate partnerships, sponsorships and volunteer engagements with key companies such as Amgen, Agensys, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, MannKind, Ketchum, KPMG, PWC, Syenos Health, Medtronic,Good Rx, Google, CareMore, Opiant Pharmaceutical, Biocom, Kaiser Permanente, Johnson & Johnson. Our goal is to expand our membership and impact beyond traditional pharma companies and agencies and engage in more cross-sectional dialogues.

Get Involved
Through the execution of successful programming, marketing and corporate outreach our chapter continues to grow and expand around the LA area. Expand your network and strive to accomplish your career aspirations by becoming an HBA LA chapter member. Join us for our upcoming events which include:

  • Dine-arounds with key leaders in the area 
  • Hospital tours to get a first-hand feel of the unmet needs of healthcare providers
  • JP Morgan and BIO industry read outs
  • AI/Machine Learning program
  • And more 
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