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Welcome to HBA London. Our chapter acts as a local base in London for the HBA, giving members the opportunity to expand their network and learn skills to achieve their career aspirations. We are passionate about leveraging the diversity within our chapter and London to support the purpose and mission of the HBA. 

London has a thriving healthcare industry with all major pharma and medical device companies, world class universities, hospitals and academic research centres. London is also one of the most entrepreneurial cities in Europe and home to a fantastic ecosystem of biotechnology and health technology start-ups. HBA London brings members from all different areas of the industry together who share a common purpose and commitment to advance the impact of women in the business of healthcare.

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To accommodate the needs of all our members we have expanded the type and location of our events.

  • London based events: Locally held larger events with speakers and larger networking opportunities. 
  • Outside London events: Held in areas such as Sandwich, Cambridge, Maidenhead, Surrey, Havant, etc. to offer opportunities to engage our new members and build connections with Corporate Partners.
  • Member-only events: to provide networking opportunities and a “safe” space to interact with like-minded individuals.
  • Volunteer-only meetings: To provide development opportunities and mutual mentoring and coaching we the aim to become better individuals and more effective business people.
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