HBA Indiana Advisory Board

The executive advisory council (EAC), or advisory board, consists of senior leaders in various healthcare organizations in Indiana. The primary roles of an EAC member include:
  • To provide advice and support to the chapter board
  • To increase the exposure of the HBA in their own organization and encourage women in their circle to participate more in the HBA
  • To serve as a mentor for upcoming leaders
  • To be a speaker or a panelist at chapter events
In 2017, the HBA Indiana EAC consists of the following members: 
Aarti Shah - senior vice president, CIO, Eli Lilly and Company
Billie Dragoo - founder and CEO, RepuCare
Brian Stemme - project director, BioCrossroads
Candi Lange - director of the Jane Brock-Wilson Women in Management Center, Purdue University
Colleen Hittle - managing director, Navigant
Dawn Lang - CEO, Perception Access Inc.
Jennifer Zinn - senior vice president, point of care commercial operations, Roche Diagnostics
Terri Pascarelli - CEO, AIT Bioscience, LLC
Additional information on the EAC director at large (DAL) and the committee
The EAC DAL sits on the chapter board and plays a role of liaison to the EAC. The goals of the DAL (and the committee, when necessary) are to establish a strong succession plan for rotating EAC and to leverage EAC members (as well as past presidents of the chapter) to support, advise and counsel the chapter. The responsibilities include maintaining ongoing relationships with EAC members and planning and conducting regular meetings with EAC and HBA Indiana board members. During 2017, we are not actively seeking volunteers for the EAC committee. For more information on the EAC, please contact Soomin Park.
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