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The HBA HUB is your 24-hr learning zone. You can learn about the HBA, about how it can impact your career, about the incredible programming coming from our regions and affinity groups. You will also find topical deep-dives—focusing on wellness, leadership, and success stories—into three categories: Activate. Advocate. Achieve.

  • Activate: It's a whole new working world out there. Learn how to prioritize wellness and self-care, upskilling and gaining visibility in a hybrid workplace, and activating a growth mindset as a strategy for career advancement.
  • Advocate: Broaden your understanding of and opportunities for allyship, sponsorship, and mentorship in the workplace. Hear from speakers about growing your network with intention, using diversity as a strength, and so much more.
  • Achieve: How did she do that? Hear from real women about their success stories, career transformations, and how they navigated the last 18-months of "unprecedented times" and "new normals." Redefine success one bite at a time.

Activate - Career

Breaking Glass Ceiling: The Tools Needed to Succeed 
At several points in our global history, the world has rendered women incapable, overambitious, radical, or irrational solely on the basis of sex. There have been great strides made when it comes to gender parity. Yet the glass ceiling metaphor continues to symbolize an enduring barrier faced by women in the workplace. So, what can women do to crack the glass ceiling? In this presentation we will explore both individual strategies that will better position women to advocate for themselves and others while also exploring more collective strategies that are designed to address systemic issues.Participants will be invited to assess several dimensions of their personal power that may be influencing their own behavior. They’ll be invited to look at how intentional their efforts are in this area and how their mindset might be amplifying or detracting from their opportunities. On a collective level we will look at why women are over-mentored but under-sponsored and the steps that we can all take to cultivate a culture of true allyship. You’ll walk away with tangible steps you can take to tackle the glass ceiling.

Carolina Caro
, Leadership Coach, DEI Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Carolina Caro LLC

Negotiating Your Employment Terms, Upon Entrance and Exit
This presentation will offer practical insights on negotiating the terms of your employment when accepting a new role, and negotiating the terms of your exit from a former role. Whether you are negotiating your salary, benefits, or other conditions of a new position, or departing from a prior role with or without severance, a non-competition agreement, long-term compensation, partially vested equity, or other open issues, this presentation will provide helpful strategies and takeaways. It will draw on Lauren's experience counseling executives and other professionals on their employment agreements, non-competition agreements, retention agreements, severance agreements, retirement plans, and other written terms of employment. Lauren will also provide insight from her high-stakes employment and business litigation practice, shedding light on the employment agreement terms that most often lead to courtroom litigation.

Lauren Paxton, Partner, Calcagni & Kanefsky LLP

Excavate Your Brand Genius: How to Increase Your Visibility as a Thought Leader and Trusted Authority in Your Field
We live in a digital world, where first impressions matter, yet we have only seconds to make a meaningful connection with our audience. Google research demonstrates that mobile phone consumers will move on to another choice if they don’t connect in two seconds or less. According to Forbes, a tenth of a second is all it takes to start determining core traits like trustworthiness. Deserving brands that aren’t clear, concise and distinctive are at risk of being passed over. How do leaders with decades of experience, who have accomplished much, describe their subject matter expertise and their mission and relay it in just a few seconds? It requires a shift to powerfully communicating not only what you do, but “why” you do it, on-purpose. Research from Capgemini's Digital Transformation Institute says that 82% of people make decisions based on emotion. In this introspective session, attendees will be introduced to ETA (Excavate-Tell-Affirm), a time-tested process that enables attendees to powerfully articulate their expertise and their WHY so they may energetically pursue what matters most to them in their careers.

Mary E. Maloney
, Principal, Revealing Genius, LLC

Executive Presence
Executive presence is the ability to project confidence, build connection, and inspire people and is important whether you are in a leadership role, seeking a promotion, or building credible relationships with internal and external customers. In short, executive presence enables you to lead from every seat. Projecting executive presence in a virtual environment presents unique challenges based on limited visual cues (in both directions) and lack of physical presence. While we hope to resume working in-person with each other soon, the virtual environment will continue to play a major role in the healthcare industry. This session will enable participants to begin developing their own executive presence, whether they are communicating virtually or in-person, through the following approach: 1. Make it tangible, exploring: Who has executive presence? What does it look like? 2. Self-Assess: What are your current executive presence traits and opportunities? 3. Understand three key elements of executive presence: How We Act, Communicate, and Look (ACL) 4. Gain tools in in each of these three areas 5. Create a plan to enhance your executive presence.

Amy Glass
, CEO, BRODY Professional Development

Activate - Change, Growth, Uncertainty

Leading in a Post Pandemic World
COVID-19 fundamentally changed how employees perceive themselves, their lives, and their work environments. People think differently about almost everything and how they think impacts their actions, results, and their view of the future. The implications of this shift for leaders and organizations are tremendous. Most critically is that this shift is not always obvious–people look the same and may sound the same as they did before. In this workshop, learn the top five critical shifts in employees' worldview and the implications for leaders and organizations. Through individual reflection, you will have the opportunity to apply these learnings to your organization and the people you lead. Walk away with a clear action plan along with identified conversations to have in order to intentionally adapt your leadership to be a fit for the employee of today.

June Zeringue
, Partner, Insigniam

Leveraging Curiosity, Empathy and Adaptability to Fuel Transformations
How can we best navigate both today's and tomorrow’s work environments? People want to feel connected as they tackle new opportunities together, while also facing the need to constantly adapt to evolving situations. Successful transformations are built with people, not for people. As a leader, it's critical to employ curiosity, empathy, and adaptability to fuel transformations, and yet only half of CEOs (and only 25% of employees) state that the empathy in their organization is sufficient. As we strive to accelerate results and transform our organizations, our stakeholders want to be included, listened to, and valued. By employing curiosity, we not only combat bias but also open the door to greater understanding, ideation, and innovation. Asking questions, working to understand people’s feelings and motivations, and determining how to model success together is the first step. Being nimble and adaptive in execution is the second.  Through data and stories and frameworks this session will provide actionable steps any leader can take to create an environment where teams excel and transformative outcomes are achieved.

Jennifer Scheehle
, Founder and CEO, Inogize


Activate - Health Wellbeing, Balance

Conquer Your Stress: Go from Worrier to Warrior
Stress is at an all-time high, and it’s imperative that we recognize that stress is not the problem. It's our reaction to our stress, and we can learn to control it. Acquire cutting-edge self-care techniques—affirmations, visualization, breathwork, mindfulness, and mini-meditations—that you can do for better health. Master a mini-meditation that anyone can do anytime. Learn how we can use visualization to improve our leadership and work performance outcomes. Additionally, you’ll explore how our words and thoughts can make a difference in our daily lives. Also covered will be how we can incorporate all of our senses in daily mindfulness to decrease the stress response and gain control over our reactions, bringing us to greater peace and productivity. Attendees will walk away with an increased sense of control over stress, and practical tools that can be immediately put to use in their everyday lives.

Kathy Gruver
, Stress and Communication Expert

The Myth of Burnout: How to Prevent and Recover From the Emotional Exhaustion that Causes Burnout in Women
In this session, veteran HBA speaker, Dr. Sharon Melnick will go beyond well meaning clichés to share with you the ‘real’ reasons for burnout. (Hint: it's not the burden of juggling multiple priorities.)  As the author of Success under Stress, Dr. Melnick will provide practical tools for stress resilience. Even more, she will surprise you with insights on trauma gained from her 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School. You’ll identify the psychological adaptations women make when we feel we don’t have control or face gender and racial bias. You’ll learn how to re-find inspiration, power, and create an environment that supports your life aspirations. Preventing and overcoming burnout is more in your control than you think. Other HBA women who’ve applied these mindsets and skills have leveraged them to get promoted and lead culture change.

Sharon Melnick
, CEO, Horizon Point Inc

Activate - Leadership

Developing Leadership Agility for What Comes Next 
Many company leaders have been forced to solve never before seen problems as a result of the pandemic. Much of these problems have forced leaders to stretch their leadership agility. Looking toward the future, company leaders will continue to be required to remain agile in their leadership skills and continuously develop their leadership capabilities. Author and pharmaceutical industry change execution expert Dr. Wendy Heckelman will discuss the criticality of developing leadership agility. Attendees will leave with and understanding of specific behaviors and actions designed to develop their individual leadership agility.

Dr. Wendy Heckelman
, President, WLH Consulting, Inc. 

Great Leaders Are Great Negotiators...Keeping Your Cool Under Pressure
With over three decades of global healthcare experience, speaking, training, and real-life, firsthand business experience, Sharon Weinstein negotiated her way into The Kremlin Hospital and convinced former President Boris Yeltsin to turn over a patient care unit so that she could create an International Department. Her view is: if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and body language, voice, and more can determine results. Sharon is recognized globally for her ability to advance negotiations at all levels. Let’s face it – negotiations are stressful!

Sharon Weinstein
, CEO, SMW Group LLC

Holding Your Own: How to Overcome Gender Bias and Thrive in the Healthcare Business
A vendor assumes you are in a subordinate role because you are younger than your male associate. A manager from another department only addresses your male colleague in a meeting, even when you are both representing your department on the project. A coworker calls you “angry” while your equally assertive male counterpart gets labeled “strong.” How does unconscious bias affect you, other employees, the organization? This talk covers societal origins, recent research showing the ways in which deep-seated bias stubbornly continues despite awareness, and how our COVID-19 world exacerbates the challenges for women in science and tech even more.

Linda Thompson
, President, L2T Leadership Development

Intuitive Leadership: A Practical Guide to Leading with Vision, Values and Heart
Intuitive Leadership enables leaders to define and uphold their own values, as well as those of their organization, relying on inner guidance and heart-centered communication to create a culture of empowered employees who work toward a shared vision.

Liimu McGill
, CEO, LSM Consulting

Unlock Your Potential
What's holding you back from reaching your potential? This session is designed to introduce key areas that are holding individuals back from reaching their potential. Participants will have the ability to self-identify where they are allowing misconceptions to keep them from becoming the leader they were meant to be. Each participant will leave the workshop having started a personal growth plan to “unlock their potential”.

Lei Comerford
, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Lei Comerford Consulting, LLC

Activate - Leadership Development through HBA Affinity Group Involvement

Career Transformation Affinity Group
HBA Career Transformations Affinity Group helps members at all career stages accelerate their path, take control of their future, and manage transformations by providing supportive networking opportunities and empowering educational career development programs. Learn more about this group and how you can get involved by watching this video!

Candice Hughes
, PhD, CEO, Founder, Hughes BioPharma Advisers LLC

Cari Kraft
, President, Jacobs Management Group, Inc.

The Power of HBA Women in Science
 Join us in video with a short introduction and history of the HBA Women in Science affinity group, followed by an informal conversation with four HBA Women in Science committee chairs around a topic of interest: leadership in science

Melanie Cooke
, Senior Associate Scientist, Amgen, and HBA Global Chair of Women in Science

Juliet Hart
, CEO and Founder, Hart & Chin, and HBA Women in Science NY/NJ/CT Regional Tri-Chair

Johanna Hoyos
, previously Director of Program and Product Management of Gene Therapy, Sarepta Therapeutics, and HBA Women in Science New England Regional Chair

Diana Stoyanova
, PhD, Regulatory Knowledge and Information Management Lead, Bayer Crop Science, and HBA Women in Science Central Regional Chair

Tomorrow's Executives
Tomorrow’s Executives is all about advocating for those whose voices get lost, especially as young professionals. The members of Tomorrow’s Executives have found that being a part of this group gives them confidence, self-assurance, and empowerment to make an impact in their career and those around them. We have a new theme for our group, “TE is Me”, because we feel that as members of Tomorrow’s Executives we embody and work to fulfill all that we advocate and work towards. We are working together to grow and expand our reach, to help others have a voice as well.

Julie D’Ascenzo
, Business Development Services Manager, ZebraSci

Michelle Giambri
, Sales Manager of Strategic Accounts, Medscape

Kelsey Gosselin
, Program Manager, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

Audra Ortiz
, Project Coordinator, Aquent Studios

Bea von Seckendorff, Senior Operations Manager, Business & Operations group of Emerging Sciences & Innovation, Pfizer

Tracy Wilson
, DNP, MSN.Ed., FNP-C, CNE, Field Medical Director, Pfizer

Women in Healthcare Give Back: Start your Transformative Leadership Journey
Calling all passionate, powerhouses looking to help change the world! The Women in Healthcare Give Back affinity group leverages the passion and network of the HBA membership to engage in community benefit and service activities that help our local and global communities while also activating and growing leaders, professionally and personally. This past year, we partnered with global non-profit Project C.U.R.E to deliver hundreds of units of medical equipment and supplies to low-resource countries. Join this session to also learn about our exciting 2022 partnership with Women Deliver, a global leader in advocacy for gender equality. Participation in Women in Healthcare Give Back also includes growth webinars hosted by leading experts in healthcare, network expansion with like-minded women across the globe, and public recognition of your impact through volunteer awards. Join us and advance your leadership goals as we give back together, grow together, lift the world together!

Ashley Coggins
, Therapeutic & Specialty Analyst, IQVIA

Loddie Foose
, Senior Director, Distributor & Emerging Markets, CSL

Women of Color Affinity Group - Activate: Leadership Development through HBA Affinity Group Involvement
The Women of Color Affinity Group come together multiple times a year for connection, inspiration, and hope. In this video, they share a snippet of Vanessa Nortey’s talk with the Gender Parity Collaborative, discussing how global connections for people of color in her company have positively impacted their work environment, and how HBA has inspired this change. Later, WoC leaders share their experiences in their personal and professional lives, discuss how HBA has played an important role in their development, and remark on the impactful WoC events that educate and celebrate. Join, share, and connect with us on this journey!

Ayanna Braxton
, Sr. Manager, R&D Quality Assurance, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Trudy Bullard
, Senior Therapeutic Nutrition Specialist-Oncology and Bariatric, Experienced Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Practitioner| Panelist | Facilitator | Moderator | Trainer | Strategist Abbott

Vivian Ikupolati-Adeniyi
, Business Performance Senior Manager, Amgen, Inc.

Vanessa Nortey
Business Performance Manager, Amgen, Inc.

Karima Sharif
, GVP, MediaPublicis Health Media


Activate - Remote/Hybrid/Re-Entry

How to Engage, Inspire and Connect With In-Person and Virtual Audiences at the Same Time
With nearly half of all workers saying they want to continue working from home several days a week, an evolving hybrid work model is inevitable, and that means reshaping the way we are seen and heard. As the global workplace continues to change, hybrid meetings with both in-person and remote audiences will require a delicate balancing act for communicators who must create engaging experiences for both. Learning how to craft compelling content in shorter digestible chunks and honing techniques to keep both audiences involved will enable you to build rapport and maximize your presence in person and on screen so you and your message come through loud and clear. Packed with tips and techniques you can apply immediately, this eye-opening interview with Karen Friedman will show you new ways to engage and connect with listeners remotely and in person.

Karen Friedman
, Chief Improvement Officer, Karen Friedman Enterprises

How Women Can Gain Dynamic Visibility in the Workplace
With job losses for women nearing five million since the start of the pandemic, for the first time in history, the U.S. is in a “Shecession” an economic downturn where job losses are affecting women more than men. COVID-19 has reversed many of women’s workplace gains. How do we ensure we have dynamic roles moving forward in an ever shifting economy and healthcare. To start, we have to be good at our jobs, but that isn’t enough, is it? If people aren’t aware of who you are and the value you provide to the company you will be easily passed by on assignments. Employers need to be aware of avoiding a two-track workplace: men in the office and women at home, which can lead to increased missed opportunities for women to be involved in critical assignments. This workshop will uncover tactics and strategies to help advance your visibility, offer a foundation for your value, and cement your reputation in your workplace.

Shelly O'Donovan
, CEO, Authentic Influence Group, LLC

Activate - Team Culture

Bridging the Digital Divide: Human Engagement at Work
While the COVID-19 pandemic proved that we can pivot to remote platforms, it also changed how we connect with colleagues and customers. Relating to others in the digital setting requires different skills. In this session, we explore how to leverage channels to create inclusive communications and build or maintain trusting relationships. Audience members will gain practical tips for communicating in ways that maintain the essential human element of interaction. Leaders and employees will understand ways to elevate their communications to achieve better results.

Kelly Donlon Hoy
, Chief Engagement Officer, KDH Consulting, LLC

The Contingent Leader: Flexibly Adapting Your Leadership Style to Suit Your Talent in Order to Lead Through Disruption
The past year has demonstrated that disruptions in our industry have thrown us into warp speed, highlighting the importance of agility as we as leaders need to adapt and lead our teams through change. There are an overwhelming number of leadership and change management theories to support us, however, being able to identify one’s own leadership style and natural responses are crucial. In order to manage radical change while maintaining strong, authentic relationships with our teams, it is vital for leaders to remain agile in adapting our approach to our audience. Whilst there are many factors that play into leading through disruption, we will focus on the contingency approach, emphasizing the interaction with our talent. With our own approach at its core, we will look at: 1) generating buy-in within our team, 2) the critical elements to successful communication, and 3) how to sustain change and establish a mindset in which we readily embrace change.  Within these three sections, we will focus on understanding what is important to our talent and how to best support them by adapting our leadership approach and communication, and how we can sustain change and be ready for the next evolution.

Vanessa Döring
, Business Consultant, Seuss+

Sabine Hutchison
, CEO, Seuss+

From Commitment and Action: Uncovering and Addressing Hidden Resistance
Too often, employees learn that the politically sound choice is to agree with change—even if they don’t believe in it. Their concerns go under the surface and impede the transition from overt commitment to actual action. Occasionally, these concerns become conflicts so large that they threaten to divide a team or undermine a project. Yet we need voices that provide different perspectives. Those who disagree often have important information that could help improve a change initiative or refine a strategy. We need to think differently about resistance and non-compliance in organizations and find ways to welcome and channel alternative points of view into productive dialogue. In this session, participants will learn about the Resistance Line, which helps diagnose and address hidden resistance. This technique is an outgrowth of the Deep Democracy methodology, which was developed in South Africa after the fall of apartheid to help organizations recover from the legacy of racism. We will learn the method and then practice it. Participants will leave with the ability to use the Resistance Line to help bridge the gap from commitment to action.

Maya Townsend
, Founder/Lead Consultant, Parterning Resources, LLC

Heartbeat Leadership: Empower Yourself, Engage Your Teams, and Impact Your Organization
Thump-thump. How healthy is your leadership? Thump-thump. How engaged is your team? Thump-thump. Is your organization thriving? Thump-thump. Not Sure? Maybe it's time for a heart check-up. In this session, Dawn S. Kirk reveals her unique, people-first approach that has helped countless leaders build real-world influence and impact. No matter the problem, it can be solved through people. Let the Six Pulses of Heartbeat Leadership position you to empower yourself, engage your team, and impact your organization starting right now!

Dawn Kirk
, Owner, BestU4Life

Advocate - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Allyship in the Workplace - Let's Create it Together
In this session, participants will gain understanding and insight into allyship at work and what it means to be an ally for those who have been marginalized and discriminated against in the workplace. They will gain a full understanding for what allyship is, what is looks like in practice and how it benefits organizational culture and employee engagement, and how to use their voice and influence to support allyship creating a safe space for allyship that ensures a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Tracy D. Holloman
, Consultant, Insigniam

Eve Elie
, Innovation and Management Consultant, Insigniam

Angela Negriera, Consultant, Insigniam

Creating the New Support Systems for Women in a Hybrid Working World
Over the past year, we have seen the tremendous value and importance of supporting our women colleagues in achieving their career goals while balancing challenging demands. The pandemic has had a significant burden on women given the disproportionate impact of the multiple roles they bear (friend, spouse, caregiver, parent etc.) Additionally, data suggests that more women experience more burnout and mental health issues than men. This highlights the criticality of establishing strong advocacy and mentorship programs and support systems across the industry to promote and support our women. This panel will explore the critical role of focused advocacy and mentorship of women and colleagues throughout their careers. Panelists will include women highlighting examples of how active advocacy and mentorship have encouraged and activated success across various career stages and will provide insight into tools, behaviors, and actions that others can embrace to pay it forward. Speakers will discuss key milestones in forging a path for women just starting in their career as rising stars and the role of strong advocacy/mentorship in building the sustainable foundation to becoming luminaries. In particular, we will highlight how leaders, luminaries, and visionaries can set the pace for looking back to pull ahead those.

Natasha Eslami
, Manager & Chief of Staff, Business Consulting, Life Science Sector, EY

Susan Garfield
, Chief Public Officer, EY Americas Commercial Lead, Health Sciences and Wellness, EY

Harnessing Women's Leadership
The world needs more women in positions of power and influence. While we all must work together to shift the very real external barriers that exist for women in many organizations, this session focuses on identifying women's limiting beliefs and behaviours. These fall into four broad categories and have been shown to affect women's own perceived leadership capabilities, as well as the perception of them by others as leaders. This session will present a number of inter-related limiting beliefs and behaviours that have been shown, through prominent research, to work against women as they seek to advance.

Lesley Antoun
, President, Lesley Antoun Consulting

Advocate - Practical Models

Achieving R&D Strategic Imperatives through Sponsoring and Developing
In recent years the construct of equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) within the workplace has risen from conceptually important to competitively vital. In today’s business environment, leaders cannot just espouse such values, they need to embody them. These values must be followed by thoughtful top-level leadership consideration, organizational commitment, and action to unlock the competitive advantages associated with diversity of background, experience, and perspective.We will explore how Takeda R&D made the transition from commitment to action through their Achieve program, a customized, cohort-based leadership development program designed to accelerate the development of diverse talent within R&D who aspire to senior leadership roles. This program is grounded in the notion that there is strength from diversity -- the range of human differences that are inherent or acquired such as gender, race, religion, mental/physical abilities, LGBTQ+, socio-economic background, and other life-shaping experiences. The participants, aka ‘Achievers’, for this cohort consisted of early career managers who worked collaboratively with R&D leadership Sponsors to develop critical leadership competencies/skills while moving the needle on key strategic imperatives.Attendees will learn essential design criteria and considerations for building DE&I solutions that combine industry best-practice and organizational context to drive results.

Tracy Duberman, PhD, Founder and President, The Leadership Development Group

Tara Satlow
, PhD, VP, Client Solutions, The Leadership Development Group

Steven Leduc
, R&D Learning and Talent Management Lead, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.


A Demonstration of the ROI of Effective Mentoring Programs: Highlighting UCB's Women in Leadership Mentoring Program
In this workshop, we'll take a deeper dive highlighting the evolution of the program, sharing real life examples and the success and feedback from participants. The Program Leads will provide insight into the time and creation of the program that participants can easily replicate. They will elucidate how an effective mentoring program can be successfully rolled out with resources already available within the organization. Presenters will share mentoring topics that provide connection during a hybrid work environment, deliver ideas for commitment to action, and provide a forum to continue the diversity, equity & inclusion conversation through mentoring. In addition, they will share insights on the critical mentorship training that is necessary to provide consistency in roles, responsibilities and expectations. ROI examples of the program's impact on the mentees' careers, work/life balance and networks through program surveys will be available.

J'aime Conrod, Head, Government Accounts, UCB Pharma

Nancy Wolk, Principal and Co-Founder, eMentorConnect

Leveraging Reverse Mentoring
CSL launched its new learning journey for Associate Directors and Directors in January 2021. The learning experience was designed to deepen the connection between participants and the company strategy, their understanding of the forces influencing the industry, and build critical leadership skills through an action learning approach. Diversity, equity and inclusion were recurring themes throughout, and we chose reverse mentoring as a way of exposing leaders to a different perspective, and encouraging them to challenge their assumptions and hone their approach to inclusive leadership. The approach was met with some skepticism, but after completing the six-week engagement, leaders admitted they were able to learn a lot from the experience.

Rachel Day
, Director, Talent Development, CSL Behring

Unlocking Internal Talent: Showcasing Amgen’s Ambassador Programs (Sponsored by Amgen)
Partnering with the HBA has strengthened Amgen’s long-standing commitment to promoting and investing in female talent within their organization. The HBA Ambassador program provides corporations an opportunity to create a platform of empowerment for women (and men) in their organization to amplify their voice and further develop their leadership skills. Following on the success of their Thousand Oaks, CA based HBA Ambassador program, Amgen has launched two additional Ambassador programs in the past year, expanding reach on a global level. Join the three Amgen Ambassador Program Leads as they share their experiences launching and leading these teams. Presenters will offer insights to their unique approaches to the program that allow participants to activate their careers and achieve their full potential, while providing value to the organization and to the participants.

Suna Avcil
, Executive Medical Director, Amgen Canada

Kimber Oliver
, Director, Key Accounts, North Central Region, Amgen

Poornima Shubhakar
, Business Performance Director, R&D Transformation, Amgen


Announcing the Inaugural Class of HOPE Scholars, Sponsored by Roche Genentech
The 2021-2022 HOPE Accelerated Leadership Program launched in October 2021, and we are excited to announce the inaugural class.  In addition to learning more about the HOPE Scholars, find out more about the program, the leadership mentors, and featured activities.

Nycole Joiner
, VP, Finance and Head, Central Education and Events, HBA

Nikki Jones
, Head, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and People Ops, HBA

Bringing Meaningful Innovation to Immuno-Dermatology, Sponsored by Arcutis Biotherapeutics
At Arcutis, we’re committed to understanding what matters most to patients and healthcare professionals—taking the time to listen to their frustrations and challenges—so we can make meaningful treatment advances that help to solve them. Watch the video to see how we’re bringing meaningful innovation to life.

Raj Madan
, Chief Digital and Technology OfficerArcutis Biotherapeutics

Patricia Turney,  Senior Vice President of Operations, Arcutis Biotherapeutics