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Welcome to the HBA Fairfield County chapter page. We are a lively and fun chapter, made up of warm, generous and friendly individuals that are united by the common goal to help further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare.  The HBA has a mission that is greater than what one person alone can do but working together we are a prevailing force designed to help those who want to live an empowered life.  

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford

We each have a responsibility to lead, to inspire our peers and to leave a legacy for those who follow. Set goals, have a passion for something that you believe in and surround yourself with people who build you up and bring you support. That is the true value of being part of the HBA. Only you have the power to embrace all that the HBA has to offer.

Our area is a diverse representation of healthcare life-sciences companies.  We have some traditional pharmaceutical companies and some smaller growing biotechs as well as up and coming research companies. As a result of the varied company types, our chapter has representation from many different companies and roles within those companies. Our goal is to provide a forum for successful engagement amongst all companies in the area as well as informative programming for their employees.

Leaders in our chapter are engaging, smart and dedicated.  Upon attending an event, one would immediately feel comfortable and part of something special.  The leadership takes the HBA seriously and strives to establish a forum for high level exchange and connection with other successful women.
Our leaders are driven to provide all members the best experience to network, develop and have a bit of fun along the way.  Successful engagement is a key metric for our leadership team.

Looking to the year ahead, we have:  

  • Increased networking social events - to help you build your network and establish the mentoring and sponsoring relationships that are so crucial to your success. 
  • Developed impactful programs - to help further your advancement and impact in healthcare.  Topics include achieving gender parity, building business acumen and using mindset to optimize productivity and satisfaction.  
  • Provided more volunteer opportunities - smaller in scope, thereby taking less time and allowing you to participate as a volunteer and build the skill sets that you may not be able to build through your employer.

Please join us at our upcoming events. These gatherings have a reputation for forming long-lasting friendships with women in all areas of healthcare and give you a sense of what membership in the HBA is all about.

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