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HBA Europe Region

The HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association) started operating in Europe in 2007. The organization supports the advancement and impact of women in healthcare by organizing multiple events throughout the region, offering our members the opportunity to network with the best in the industry, take part in mentoring programs, gather cutting edge industry knowledge and build leadership skills. We help women shape the future of healthcare worldwide.


The HBA is a global organization dedicated to helping women achieve their leadership goals at every stage of their career by providing exclusive opportunities outside of work to refine and strengthen their skills and increase their knowledge of healthcare. When you succeed, we all succeed.


The HBA Europe office is located at:

Boulevard du Souverain 280, 1160 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: + 32 (0)2.740.22.20

Email: HBAEurope@hbanet.org


The HBA Europe Region is currently active in the following countries and chapters (more chapters to open soon):

  • Switzerland : Basel, Zürich/Zug, Suisse Romande
  • United Kingdom: London
  • Germany: Frankfurt, Berlin
  • France: Paris, Lyon
  • Ireland: Dublin
  • Italy: Milan


What we offer locally in Europe:

- Educational programs and networking events

On a regular basis we organize events, which are tailor-made to the needs of our local audiences. These range from leadership skills development and latest trends in the industry to panel discussions. We regularly invite leaders in the healthcare industry who we consider to be role models not only for their success and their strong leadership capabilities, but also for their mentoring skills, dedication and a commitment to giving back to women, and to the community.


- European Leadership Summit

Our annual event that focuses on the latest trends in the industry and gender diversity and aims to provide a discussion platform to identify successful ways for individuals and organizations to leverage their female talent.


- Mentoring program

Our Europe mentoring program is designed to support and guide the next generation of healthcare leaders. The scheme offers 1:1 mentoring with experienced and talented mentors across Europe. The program supports HBA's overall purpose to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare through:

- Focusing on building capabilities and confidence to enable participants to meet their goals

- Providing participants with personal strategies and tools that can be used with their own teams

- Igniting a community of mentor and mentee networks beyond the program


- Affinity groups

The HBA Europe region currently offers two affinity groups:

  • Entrepreneurship – this group is dedicated to supporting women with an entrepreneurial spirit to develop the capabilities and confidence to become courageous entrepreneurs, therefore realizing their full potential and/or making the step to become an entrepreneur. Our focus is on all three different types of entrepreneurs:

- Innovators with new unique products or services

- Business owners with a tried and tested business model

- ‘Intrapreneurs’ who promote innovative thinking within a corporation

  • Women in Science – This group is a key partner for scientific leaders, providing women in scientific roles with professional support for their full and equal career advancement, through interactive, empowering, educational, professional development programs


- Local, regional and global volunteer opportunities

The HBA accomplishes its mission and objective through volunteers. The benefits of these board/leadership roles are:

  • An expanded network of industry leaders including the possibility to be mentored by women in higher levels of leadership/expertise
  • Access to a wide variety of perspectives and industry expertise
  • Enhancement of personal leadership skills working side-by-side with the other leaders
  • A sense of fulfillment in directly contributing to the advancement of gender parity.


Members who become active volunteers with the HBA all agree it advances their leadership abilities.


- For more information, please visit HBA Europe, to read our latest news, to learn about leadership opportunities and to register for some of our upcoming programs.

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