HBA New England Mentoring Program

Registration for the 2019 program is now open through 10 January 2019.

If you’re an industry leader – or want to become one – here’s your chance to learn, grow and forge meaningful relationships with others who want to do the same. This mentoring program harnesses the power of the group to help mentees set and achieve professional and career goals and forge new connections. Mentoring takes place in small groups and each group (or circle) functions independently, setting its own meeting dates, times and locations.

Registration is now open for all mentor and mentee candidates – the HBA New England group mentoring program offers the following choice of locales for in-person meetings of mentoring groups:

  • Boston, MA (including Cambridge)
  • Waltham, MA
  • Marlborough, MA
  • Fairfield County, CT

NEW: Although most groups meet in person, the New England Region will offer a limited number of virtual groups in 2019 as a new option. These groups have the same format of two mentors and four mentees who meet by Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc. The group is self-directed and must be committed and technologically adept.

This is a members-only program.

Make it your best year and join us in celebrating our 14th year!

This highly applauded program has built a community of over 1,200 women who connect, share and grow together to tackle workplace challenges today, set career goals for tomorrow and take real steps to make a difference in the careers, lives and industries in which we work.

Connect: participants are matched using meaningful information gathered during the application survey process. Each group, or circle, then functions independently and sets its own meeting agendas, times and locations.

Share professional goals, fears, challenges and successes in monthly gatherings.

Grow by dedicating seven to eight months to reflection, creation, motivation, inspiration and action that moves you toward goal achievement and greater potential.

Look who is talking about the HBA Boston mentoring program:

Volunteer as a mentor: Women (and a few men) experienced in developing individuals or teams and from all healthcare sectors and functional roles, are matched with a co-mentor and four to five mentees to form small groups. Is mentoring for you? 

Mentors have demonstrated leadership skills, are confident in the knowledge of their field and have the time, patience and commitment to listen and to help others. They have worked in the healthcare and/or biopharma arena in small or large companies, are ready to give back to others and want to share their knowledge and professional experience to potentially spare others from unnecessary stumbling blocks along the way. As a mentor, you respect confidentiality and help your mentees make progress towards their goals. 

Plan to devote three to six hours each month to support your mentoring circle, in meeting time and an occasional reach-out from your mentees. Know that you will gain a lot from the journey, too.

Join as a mentee: Selected participants in early/mid/late career stages are connected with a pair of mentors and three to four peers who meet at least monthly from March – October to discuss career goals and focus on the future you want. There are circles for all career stages (preferably with at least two years’ experience working in the healthcare industry.) Those more experienced leaders have the opportunity to participate as mentees with a group of peers or as a mentor. All conversations remain confidential within your mentoring circle. 

Is the mentoring program for you? The HBA New England mentoring program invites you to think about your long and short term goals, strengths and challenges and then consider your top three issues at this time. The goals that you articulate form the basis for matching you with peers (as best we can). If you’re ready and excited to rev-up your career and have the time and dedication to be proactive, to grow and to challenge yourself, you may be a great candidate to be an HBA New England mentee.
Plan to devote at least six to eight hours each month for self-reflection, to actively work on making progress and in preparation and meeting time. Past participants agree: The more you can put in, the more you get out of the program.

Value for your company: Participants come away with enhanced leadership and peer mentoring skills, confidence, clarity of their career goals and progress toward their achievement. They meet leaders and participants from companies and functional roles different from their own, expanding professional networks and industry awareness. This program can be readily incorporated into employee development plans.

Become a connector: Mentoring Connectors stay in touch with participants, share resources and best practices, help resolve rising issues as needed and collect feedback on the program experience. Connectors attend all the mentoring program events for free! Past mentees or mentors make particularly good connectors. Contact us to volunteer. 

Join the Mentoring Program Committee: This leading-edge, high energy committee is a great group with which to learn more about mentoring, take a leadership role, share your expertise and enjoy working with other women who are “paying it forward.” Many roles are available with varying time commitments. 

“It was a valuable opportunity to meet like-minded women and be able to talk about issues and questions with people who didn’t work at the same place, and work through challenges and potential solutions.”  – Past Mentee 

“Meeting professionals of all ages and work experience, coming together to be kind and supportive of each other in a safe setting… We are being judged every day, so to find a program that lets us all 'exhale' and admit our fears and challenges is worthwhile beyond words.” – Past Mentee

“It’s one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.” – Past Mentor

We look forward to sharing this special journey with you!

Brenda Fung – 2019 HBA New England regional mentoring director
Dawn Kumiega – 2019 HBA New England deputy mentoring director 

2019 Calendar

Note: This tentative schedule will be updated as dates, times, locations and corporate sponsors are confirmed. Check back periodically.

Mentor application period

No fee other than HBA membership
1 November 2018 - 10 January 2019; 6:00 PM  

New mentors to the HBA program will be contacted for an interview (Nov-Jan)

Mentee application period

Mentee fee is $250 Early Bird and $295 on/after 1 December 2018 for in-person groups

Pay fee at registration in order to receive the application survey.

1 November 2018 - 10 January 2019; 6:00 PM

Early Bird Rate effective through 30 November 2018
Deadline for withdrawal and mentee program registration fee refund
(no refund of HBA membership fee)
17 January 2019
Program acceptances emailed; Register for kickoff event 

HBA membership must become active/paid 
Late February 2019; pay HBA membership by 1 March in order to register for kickoff event
Mentors-only welcome/training breakfast (online training component required prior to the breakfast) Wednesday, 6 March 2019;
7:00-8:30 AM (location TBD, likely Cambridge and/or Lexington)
Mentee orientation self-study (required) Week of 11-16 March 2019
Mentor/mentee orientation and kickoff event Wednesday, 20 March 2019;
5:30–9:00 PM
(this is a mandatory event)
Sponsor: TBD
Mentoring group meetings As determined by each mentoring circle
(at least every 3-4 weeks),
Mid-Point mentoring event TBD, 12 June 2019; 6:00-8:45 PM
Mentor/mentee year-end closing celebration Wednesday, 23 October 2019;
6:00-8:45 PM 



If you have any questions about this program please contact us.

This program is offered once per year and registration will close on 10 January 2019.