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HBA and Aon European Pay Gap Report

As an organization advocating for women in the industry workplace, the HBA is committed to participating in studies that examine current workplace practices. We understand that by collecting and assessing metrics and data, we are in a better position to influence solutions and offer best practices that work to remove barriers to equitable opportunities for all women in our workforce.

Since 2018, the HBA Europe has collaborated with global research firm Aon to examine the disparities in pay and compensation in the European life sciences industry. A 2019 and 2021 report were issued and an update to the 2021 report is now available. The HBA/Aon partnership will release a 2022 Pay Gap Study later this year.

View the September 2022 Update: A Snapshot of the Gender Pay Gap in Life Sciences-Europe

View the original 2018 report and the 2021 update.

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