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HBA Cincinnati

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association is a global nonprofit organization comprised of individuals and organizations from across the healthcare industry committed to:

  • achieving gender parity in leadership positions
  • facilitating career and business connections
  • providing effective practices that enable organizations to realize the full potential of their female talent

The HBA accomplishes its mission through strong business networks, education, research, advocacy, and recognition for individuals and companies.

In 2018, HBA Cincinnati is focusing our efforts across these pillars and goals for our members and organizations that engage with us.  


  • Inclusion - Our strength comes from our diverse partnerships. We drive change by uniting women and men of all backgrounds in a shared purpose - offering everyone a seat at the table 
  • Radical Hospitality - By building a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, we create genuine sense of unity among all our members. Through deeper and more meaningful connections, we strengthen our efforts toward change
  • Professional Enrichment - We create opportunities for our members to grow their skill sets in an open and supportive environment, promoting global change through individual advancement.
  • Business Growth - We unite diverse viewpoints and areas of expertise, understanding that gender parity in healthcare and life science businesses is a vital change not only for individual advancement, but for corporate success.


  • Contribute to your personal and professional growth  
  • Provide valuable educational programs and recognition opportunities for members and organizations
  • Create more awareness and connection through HBA Cincinnati as an organization that is advancing gender parity


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