GRACE under Pressure: Make This Your Finest Hour

John Baldoni, president, Baldoni Consulting, LLC

Crisis can bring out the best in leaders; they must rise to the challenge of a world turned upside down. The very best leaders do this by leveraging their purpose with their sense of grace. Grace is the generosity we show, the respect we give and the compassion we demonstrate. Doing it as a leader, especially during challenging times, requires the ability to act for others and to energize everyone around us.

John Baldoni reveals how leaders use the concept of grace to help us learn, grow and fulfill the “greater good.” The presentation explores five key concepts:

  • Generosity – the will to do something more for others
  • Respect – the dignity of life and work
  • Action – the mechanism for change
  • Compassion – the concern for others
  • Energy – the spirit that catalyzes us