Gender Bias in the Workplace: Real Solutions for Sticky Situations

Speaker: Karen Hough, founder and CEO, ImprovEdge

Trouble if you do. Trouble if you don’t. Researchers across the world have described this as a "double bind" — a set of patterns that get at our implicit assumptions about men, women and leadership. That double bind is evident when we find negative outcomes no matter which path we choose. Join Karen Hough, founder and CEO of ImprovEdge, for a dynamic, interactive session that explores the role of gender bias in women’s professional and career development and identifies self-driven solutions. We’ll practice three disruptions to overcome the gender bind. You’ll walk away with skills to immediately address bias, negotiate better and shape your professional presence. This integrative discussion highlights how implicit bias, specifically around gender, affects relationships in the workplace and has a marked impact on talent retention and growth. Participants engage in high-energy and thought-provoking improvisational exercises that challenge their self-awareness and allow them to reflect on how their own bias impacts their team and organization. You’ll walk away with techniques to use in the workplace tomorrow to address bias, have constructive conversations and build collaboration.


  • Explore case studies of gender bias in action, and how to be more aware of those pitfalls in the workplace
  • Discuss three proven techniques to disrupt gender bias, both as an individual and an organization, in positive ways
  • Apply improvisation to “on-your-feet” moments that are uncomfortable, to turn situations around to your advantage

Competency alignment:
This seminar complements the following competencies as described in the HBA Leadership Competency Framework.
10. Facilitates change 
7. Influences and persuades