From Pigeon Holed to Promoted: A Proven Roadmap to Expand Responsibility, Increase Leadership Impact and Create Your Next Level Opportunity

Sharon Melnick, PhD, CEO, Horizon Point Inc.

Are you told you are 'great at what you do' but you feel underutilized and stuck? Have you been overlooked and want to feel valued?

Do you want to make a bigger impact and have more challenging, strategic projects?

If so, you want to have a strategic action plan and influencing scripts to help you navigate past this stress and make more of a difference.  

Top-rated HBA speaker Sharon Melnick, PhD has coached hundreds of HBA women to fast track their promotion/next level role. She will share the stories of how they went from passed over, put off or re-deployed to gain a more challenging and higher paying role – within weeks or months, not years.  

 In this breakout, you’ll learn a roadmap to:

  • Figure out the next level role you want, and how to position yourself for it now
  • Update decision-makers’ perceptions of you so you go from being ‘in a box’ to seen as the only choice for next level opportunities 
  • Avoid the #1 mistake that leads highly-qualified women to get put off when they ask for a next level role, and instead learn an 'influencing campaign' that will turn your previous "No" responses into a "Yes"
  • Have the confidence to see yourself – and get others to see you – at the next level
  • Increase visibility to key decision makers in a remote work environment