From Pigeon Holed to Promoted: A Proven Roadmap to Expand Responsibility, Increase Influence and Get a Next Level Role

Sharon Melnick PhD, CEO, leading authority on women's advancement, Horizon Point Inc.   

Do you get glowing performance review but feel underutilized? Want more challenging and strategic projects, more respect and more impact? 

Top-rated HBA speaker Sharon Melnick PhD will guide you to create a personal strategic roadmap to get to your next level. Hear stories of HBA members who fast tracked their promotion/next role and positioned themselves for future opportunities. This breakout session will guide you to:

  • change the perception you are 'good at what you do now' to 'you are strategic and ready for the next level'
  • become visible to key decision-makers and learn how to get a sponsor
  • articulate your value to your manager

Learning objectives:

  1. Self-promote and become visible to stakeholders (senior leaders, decision-makers) who can advocate for you to expand responsibility and/or get a next level role.
  2. Confidently communicate your value and abilities to decision-makers so you can update your reputation and be seen as 'strategic', 'confident' or whatever perception is needed of you to be considered 'ready' for the next level.
  3. Demonstrate confidence to see yourself at the next level so decision-makers increase respect for your contributions and see you as ready even if you don't have direct experience.