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Fit to Lead

You might be asking if Fit to Lead is only a triathlon. It’s not. The triathlon is just the launching point for a complete initiative focused on leadership and ‘management from within.'

Fit to Lead aims to provide a variety of activities throughout the year to help our members prepare–mentally, emotionally and physically–for tough challenges and emerge stronger leaders.

Events are designed to appeal to the athlete and non-athlete in all of us and offer numerous opportunities to network in traditional and non-traditional settings.

Starting later this summer, a series of ‘Fit’ dine-arounds will take place focused on goal setting. Learn from experts who will offer tips for creating a personal roadmap to achievement–whether it is completing a four minute mile or making a major career move.  

‘Fashion and Fitness’ evenings and ‘Walk in the Park’ events will provide skills-building and networking in unconventional venues. Get moving, meet chapter members, network in style and further develop your leadership skills.

TriMe activities will provide opportunities for members to try out sports and other activities in a comfortable, collegial supportive environment. If you ever wanted to see if you enjoy swimming, biking, running, yoga or even zumba here is your chance. 

Since a little competition is always motivating, we are inviting all chapter members to participate in the ‘Walk Around the Globe Challenge’ and join our virtual team. Every member’s steps count as we try to go around the world in 180 days (that’s 25,000 miles).  Information on how to become involved will be coming soon.

Please check the calendar and join our Fit to Lead activities. There is more…beyond the finish line.

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