First time attendee

For those attending the HBA Annual Conference for the first time, we offer you a warm welcome and our radical hospitality


Radical hospitality

Radical hospitality at the HBA embodies our commitment to best practices for deliberate and thoughtful engagement that exceed all expectations. That’s a tall order. The 2014 HBA Annual Conference has been thoughtfully designed to ensure each attendee’s experience is maximized. The HBA prides itself on its radical hospitality and all programming elements have been designed in this spirit.

With the theme of Inspiring Leaders and Powering Innovation, we recognize both elements are necessary for successful engagement throughout the conference and to create an environment to inspire you, enhance your career and offer leadership skillsyou can use. It is the commitment of the leadership committee and core HBA staff and management, to make this a lasting experience and one that you will share with your friends and colleagues.

First time attendee orientation webinar:

One demonstration of HBA’s radical hospitality is our outreach


to first time conference attendees. We held a webinar to introduce the conference and all were invited to participate. Click this link to access the recording.


Download the slide deck.


We’re pleased to offer an app for the conference. Read more about it on the conference app page.

Gather with other first time attendees and travel to the Opening Session together.

Wednesday, November 12, 4:30
With more than 500 first-time attendees to the conference, we want to provide you with the opportunity to get acquainted with other newcomers before the conference officially starts. Bring your business cards and meet some new friends.


Questions from the webinar:

Category Question Answer
Attendees How many attendees are registered? Will a listing of attendee names be available? There are over 1,000 attendees registered for the conference. A full list of attendees will not be provided. However, anyone who has downloaded the app and opted to share their information can be found there.
Attendees What percentage of attendees are representative of the various industries? What countries do they represent? In general, the conference attendees represent many sectors of the healthcare industry, including pharmaceutical, provider, payer, and professional services. Although most of the attendees are from the US, there are some attendees from outside the US.
Dine Arounds How will we get paired with an executive at the Leadership Connections: Dine Around with Executive program? There will be no pairing or assignments. When you arrive at your selected restaurant, you will select your table. Each table will be hosted by an executive.
Dine Arounds Will there be vegetarian options? When you register for a Dine Around, there is an opportunity to indicate any food preferences or needs. Please indicate if you need a vegetarian meal.
Dress code What is the dress code for the conference?  Are there formal events in the evening? Business attire is recommended for the conference. No formal evening wear is needed.
First time attendee Any recommendations for a first timer coming alone? Are there opportunities to meet with other first-time attendees? Prior to the conference, start engaging with the HBA and other attendees through the HBA's social media channels. Also, download the conference app and look for other attendees that you may want to meet upon arriving.

Make sure to register for the evening networking activities - Wednesday night at the Field Museum and the Thursday evening Dine Around, which are great opportunities to meet others.
HBA Has HBA ever considered a mentoring/sponsorship program for members? Yes, various chapters do have mentoring programs. Visit our mentoring page.
HBA How can you make an impact through volunteerism in your first year? Volunteerism is a great way to make the most of your HBA membership. Identify a role, event, or topic that you'd like to learn more about and volunteer! You can volunteer at both the chapter and HBA corporate level. Visit our volunteer webpage.
Networking How to make the most of the networking? Be proactive! Make a goal to meet someone new in each session, sit with different people at meal times, and sign up for all the evening networking events.
Networking How will networking be facilitated during the conference? There are two evening networking activities - Wednesday night at the Field Museum and the Thursday evening Dine Around, which are great opportunities to network and meet others.
Networking What are key networking events to attend? There are two evening networking activities - Wednesday night at the Field Museum and the Thursday evening Dine Around, which are great opportunities to network and meet others.  Additionally, the time in the iConnect Hall is a great way to network in between sessions.
Objectives What are the expectations for each attendee? What's the main goal you'd like them to walk away with from this event? It all depends on the individual's goals for attending, but mainly we want each attendee to walk away with something they can apply to their professional and personal lives as soon as they return from the conference. Each workshop lists the learning objectives. Download the Guide to Selecting Your Sessions.
Objectives How are results of the conference measured? We measure the success of the conference through attendee surveys. Make sure to complete your post-workshop surveys (one for each workshop) and the overall conference survey after the conference.
Preparation Is there anything I should bring with me or come prepared with? We recommend business cards for networking as well as anything you may want for taking notes.  Additionally a mobile device for utilizing the conference app and staying connected through our social media channels.
Preparation How to prepare for the conference to get most out of it? Read the book reviews on the HBA blog to learn about our workshop presenters.
Preparation Will notepads/materials be provided for the various sessions we have registered for?  What materials should we bring? Handouts for presentations of workshops and pens and paper in each session (workshop). 
Registration Will the registration desk be open on Wednesday? Yes, the registration desk will open at 9 am on Wednesday.
Schedule What are the best ways to manage time and navigate the conference? How do I best choose sessions? Review the schedule prior to the conference and decide which events are your most important.  There are no overlapping sessions, so you are able to attend everything if you'd like.  Remember your workshop sessions are pre-assigned and the evening activities require additional registration.
WiFi Will the Hilton have coplimentary Wi-Fi for attendees not staying at the Hilton? Yes, there will be Wi-Fi available.
Workshops I was not able to select the workshops when I  registered for the conference.  Whom can I contact to register? Please contact the HBA at 
Workshops What are the forums for the workshops (i.e. small table groups, large and interactive, etc)? Each workshop is different depending on the leader and topic, but most will have some level of interactivity.
Workshops Can I attend sessions that are marked as full? No, you are unable to attend a full session. You are pre-assigned to sessions and should attend your assigned session. 
Workshops Can I change sessions since pre-registration options were limited at the time I was invited to the event? If you would like to switch sessions, please do so at the registration desk upon arriving to the conference.
Workshops Can we switch sessions? If you would like to switch sessions, please do so at the registration desk upon arriving to the conference.
Workshops Will all of the presentations be available after the event? Some presenters will give the HBA permission to share their content and in those cases the presentations will be available via the conference app.