Executive Exchange

Executive Exchange is a new executive program HBA Boston is launching to champion change in the healthcare and life science industry and give women the opportunity to explore new leadership opportunities. This initiative will fuel a more diverse leadership pipeline in healthcare, responding to industry’s demands for innovation through diversity and inclusion.

The program is intended to move women into higher levels of decision-making including the C-suite, in the healthcare and life science industry, fully aligned with HBA’s mission.

In addition, the Executive Exchange will mobilize the power of its strategic industry relationships to:

  • bring together women and men at the most senior levels of organizations
  • lead change in industry or in companies on issues about which the participating executives feel passionate
  • fuel executive insight and problem solving around gender parity, diversity and inclusion
  • cultivate strategic connections resulting in high value relationships
  • foster executive resilience during times of accelerated change.

Who is Executive Exchange for?
C-suite, VP AND SVP executives by invitation, in the healthcare and life science industry

Why do we need Executive Exchange?

  • Women make up only 20% of US biopharma leadership team
  • Women account for <10% of traditional VC partners
  • More than half of all boards are all-male and fewer than 10% of directors are female
  • Only 16% of C-Suite women have been contacted about a paid Board position in the last 2 years, vs. 60% of men

How Does Executive Exchange Work?
The program is designed for both efficiency and flexibility. We will have seven meetings in total, including four intimate round table meetings and three larger events.

The kickoff, mid-year and year-end larger events bring all round table participants together with other industry leaders and key note speakers for strategic connection opportunities.

Greater Boston area

Launches in Fall 2017

$975 pilot program fee, including HBA membership

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