European Region

2019 - 2020 HBA Europe Mentoring Program

This international mentoring program pairs one mentor with one mentee who work together over the course of nine months to help achieve the mentee’s goals. The program uses a cross-company and cross-hierarchy approach, complementing internal company programs. Recent participants have come from all over Europe, the United States and Canada and it is inclusive of female and male mentors. Mentoring pairs meet at least once a month; meetings are usually virtual as mentoring pairs may come from different countries.

Program structure

  • 1:1 - one mentor is matched with one mentee
  • Mentoring pairs meet at least once a month for nine months
  • Depending on your preference and the availability of a matching mentoring partner, mentoring can either take place virtually (as your mentor/mentee may be in another country) or in-person (if the mentor and mentee are in close proximity and both agree to in-person meetings)
  • Mentees set a goal at the beginning of the program; mentors help mentees make progress toward achieving their goal
  • The program actively supports the Entrepreneurial and the Women in Science affinity groups. If you are interested in being mentored 
  • This year the program will also be matching entrepreneurial mentors with aspiring mentees. This will include mentors who have set up their own business or are entrepreneurial within their organization.  If this is of interest, please indicate as such in your registration survey answers. 

Program activities: January – November 2020

  • Mentor training webinar – 20 January 2020 (Will be recorded for those who cannot participate in the live sessions.)
  • Mentee training webinar – 22 January 2020 (Mandatory for all mentees. Additional date for an alternative session and also will be recorded for those who cannot participate in the live sessions.)
  • Program kick-off webinar – 29 January 2020 at 5:00 PM CET. (Mandatory for all mentors and mentees; will be recorded for those who cannot participate in the live session.)
  • Mentoring pairs meet – February to October 2020 (Mentoring pairs meet on their own once a month, usually virtually)
  • Join a buddy group – connect in small groups of mentees and mentors for continuous support throughout the program. 
  • Series of webinars to connect with fellow participants and professional coaches:
    • “Trouble-shooting and tips; all your questions answered” – 15 April 2020
    • “Share progress and hear from our expert coaches” – 8 June 2020
    • “Re-group and re-connect with the HBA Community” – 12 August 2020 
  • Access to HBA Mentoring online communities and face-to-face meet-ups organized throughout the program
  • Closing celebration webinar – 21 November 2020 

Mentee or mentor?

  • Mentees are emerging leaders. They have a strong sense of their development needs and can identify one or more areas in which they need mentoring support. Mentees must have the time to prepare for meetings, fully participate and be willing to test and apply what they’ve learned to achieve their mentoring goals.
  • Mentors are seasoned executives with significant experience in the healthcare industry or related services. They have a keen sense of their own strengths coupled with the ability and commitment needed to guide their mentees. Mentors are willing to share of themselves - relaying stories and anecdotes from their careers, recounting successes and failures, offering ideas and approaches and identifying tools and connections. Most mentors have experience in a director-level or higher position and/or have developed both individuals and teams.

Comments from last year’s participants
"It has been a big contribution to my career development. It increased my confidence and led to promotion" - Mentee

"An external, global perspective has been so helpful" - Mentee 

"I've gained tools to be an effective leader" - Mentee

"My mentor's advice and exercises have helped me get out of my comfort zone. I've really grown through this experience" - Mentee

"It is very rewarding to see the mentee acknowledging the progress she has made. It has allowed me to learn new areas of challenges which I never experienced myself professionally" - Mentor

"I've improved my listening skills and the mentee had questions I'd never thought of" - Mentor