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Women-owned businesses receive far less in start-up financing compared to businesses run by men. Yet, businesses found by women deliver higher revenue—more than twice as much per dollar invested—than those founded by men. This is only one out of multiple examples of the gender inequality when it comes to being an entrepreneur, but also the great – often unlocked – potential that women bring to the entrepreneurial space. 

The HBA affinity group “Entrepreneurship” aims to support women with an entrepreneurial spirit by providing a safe environment and trusted unconditional support, tailored to female needs in the healthcare industry. “The HBA has a proven network of women of all career levels with lots of experience, who are more than willing to give support, exchange and share their deep knowledge of the complex healthcare industry. Our group taps into this massive opportunity and helps current and future female entrepreneurs to develop the skills, capabilities, knowledge and expertise they need to become their best. It’s all about inspiring, encouraging and encouraging women to you beyond their believed skills,” says Dagmar Albers, director, Entrepreneurship affinity group.

The affinity group is developing a broad range of offerings spanning from training and a mentorship program to various events for exchange and networking – and continuously ideates to add new solutions. 


You have an entrepreneurial mindset? You want to exchange with other entrepreneurial spirits? You are excited to help shape the offering of the Entrepreneurship affinity group? Then click the button above to join our group and/or reach out to Dagmar Albers to find out how you can contribute to making the affinity group a unique place for female entrepreneurs in the healthcare space.

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