Cultivating Diversity as a Competitive Advantage: Optimizing the Sponsorship/Protégé Relationship in the R&D Pipeline

Tracy Duberman PhD, founder and president, The Leadership Development Group   
Jean Ciano, head, R&D leadership and talent development, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Erika Marder, head of global human resources, R&D, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

During this panel presentation, we will review Takeda’s innovative approach to diversifying its R&D talent pipeline through a focused leadership development program that incorporates interactive leadership learning sessions, assessment and coaching, peer coaching, action learning projects and an overt focus on the sponsorship/protégé relationship as a part of growing their talent for future leadership positions. The program aims to create a culture which thrives on diversity of backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe the value of a concerted focus on the sponsor/protégé relationship to enhance D&I.
  2. Demonstrate how leadership development can improve the pipeline of diverse leaders throughout an organization.
  3. Conduct a needs assessment to identify program participants, objectives and competencies for development as determined by organizational key strategic priorities.