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Session Date: 
Monday, November 06, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
We're thrilled to respond to your requests for more in depth, interactive sessions by offering four pre-conference seminars Monday, 6 November.
You must be a conference attendee to participate. Additional fee applies. Limited seats available.

P 4 Women and Negotiation: Developing Powerful New Skills Using Improv

Monday, November 06, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm - One-time only
Competency alignment: 
This workshop complements the following competencies as described in the HBA Leadership Competency Framework.
8. Builds relationships and teams

After participating in this session, you will be able to:

  • identify negotiation strategies and key tactics
  • recognize differences in negotiation styles including those related to gender
  • apply improvisation-based principles to make you a more effective negotiator

All levels. This seminar is for you if you want to develop more effective negotiation skills and have fun as you learn. Whether you are negotiating the terms of a business deal, seeking additional resources for your department or putting forward what you need in a new job or position, the improvisation-based exercises used in this program will help you practice and apply what you’ve learned in an easy-to-remember way.

There’s a common misconception that the best negotiators are unyielding tough nuts who yell and pound their fists. Actually, great negotiators don’t shout, pressure or demand. They prepare, ask the right questions and seek a win/win for all parties at the table. Whether you’re negotiating the terms of a business deal, additional resources for your department or the specifics or a new job or position, there are powerful skills and methodologies that can point you toward success.
This highly interactive program explores gender differences in negotiation styles and uses role plays, simulations, discussion, challenges, improvisational exercises and next-step challenges to increase your ability to influence and gain buy-in. You’ll learn important negotiation tactics, dispel common myths and gain a greater appreciation of the use and value of effective compromise, a strategy most associated with women leaders.
The foundational principles of improvisation will be taught and applied throughout the seminar—no prior “improv” experience is necessary—making this a fun, high-energy session. Test your flexibility and ability to adapt to situations as they change, skills that are critical in both negotiation and leadership. These improvisation-based exercises will be used as a catalyst for learning and invite participants to think about negotiation in a whole new way.

Additional registration fee; space limited to 45 registrants

Course Fees: 
$275 (through 21 September); $295 (22 September through 6 November)
Course Fees Include: 

Karen’s new book, Go With It: Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change (publish date: 1 October)

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