Conference app


Click this link to download the app.

Once the app is installed on your mobile device go in and add your photo and update your profile.

Then use the schedule feature to add in the workshops you've signed up for. You can find that in your account on this website. Click the login button in the upper right corner. When you are logged in select "my invoices" on your profile page and then select 2014 Annual Conference to view your workshop selection.



HBA LC app in iTunes


Click here to download the app in iTunes





HBA LC app in Google Play

Click here to download the app in the Google Play store


HBA held an appinar to walk you through using the app. Click here to review the recording of the appinar. 

App features:

  • Schedule: See the full event schedule with activity times, room numbers, speaker details and descriptions.
  • Maps: Navigate the event through the maps.
  • Exhibitors: Review all of the organizations exhibiting at our conference. 
  • Sponsors: Find out which organizations helped make the conference a huge success.
  • Speakers: Learn more about the presenters at this year’s event by selecting the person’s name within the list. You can tap on the speaker’s name to see his or her bio, organization, title, and any sessions at which they will be featured. 
  • Contacts: Connect with your fellow attendees by exchanging your “digital business cards”. Any new contacts made will be housed within the “Your Contacts” section of the app.  
  • Notes: Take notes during the conference and review them here
  • Search: Locate your sessions, speakers, or locations quickly and easily through this keyword search locator.
  • About: Learn more about this event and how to use this app.
  • Notifications: We will use this feature to send reminders and any updates.


Although the app is powered by CrowdCompass, our app vendor, do not download the CrowdCompass Directory app that is also available on those app stores. It will not show you the HBA event. Disclaimer: Access to full functions of the mobile application requires registration with CrowdCompass. If you choose not to register, some features of the application may not be available. The mobile application platform is owned and operated by CrowdCompass and the CrowdCompass Privacy Policy governs the use of the application.

Frequently asked questions 

Question: How do I download the app?

Answer: Find the app in Google and Apple app stores by searching for HBA. Additionally, you can key the URL into your device browser to automatically be navigated to the appropriate app store. 

Question: If I am on a BlackBerry or Windows phone, how do I access the app? 

Answer:  Windows phone and BlackBerry users can access the web-version of the app through their device browser by entering the link address

Question: How do I create a personalized schedule?

Answer: Upon opening the Event inside the app, select the “Attendees” icon (swipe left or right to see more icons in the app itself). A prompt will appear that requests you to login to the HBA LC app sessionapp. Enter your email address and password. The agenda will appear within your Event Compass and My Schedule (Please note: appearance may vary depending on your device type)

An easy way to sign is is by using an account you already have such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You then type in the email adress and password you use for that service.

Question: Do I need to create a HBALC/CrowdCompass account? 

Answer: No, it is not a requirement to create a CrowdCompass account upon login. If no account is created, you still have the ability to (1) add bookmarks to sessions, speakers and exhibitors, (2) set reminders within the My Schedule section, and (3) add sessions to your personal schedule. 

If an account is created, you will have the added abilities to (1) save notes, (2) rate the sessions, (3) create a digital business card and exchange with other attendees, and (4) access your personal settings across devices and the web-based version.


Question: What if I need technical assistance with the app?

Answer: Contact our vendor Crowd Compass via phone at 888-889-3069 option 1 or