HBA Leadership Coaching

To fulfill our mission to further the advancement and impact of women in healthcare globally, we have expanded our offering of leadership coaching. In 2011 there were two opportunities to participate in professional leadership coaching with the HBA: the Leadership in Practice coaching option and individual coaching sessions at the HBA 2011 Leadership Conference.

The leadership coaches for both programs have had to meet or exceed defined criteria and successfully complete an application process. To learn more about leadership coaching within the HBA, please review:

  • HBA Coaching vs MentoringPDF icon outlines the differences between the coaching programs offered in Leadership in Practice and Leadership Conference coaching programs and the mentoring programs offered by most of our HBA chapters.
  • HBA Perspective on Coaching QualificationsPDF icon explains the difference between the qualifications available to leadership coaches who want to validate their professional competency.
  • HBA Leadership Coach Minimum RequirementsPDF icon details the criteria that professional coaches had to meet to be considered for the HBA’s Leadership in Practice and Leadership Conference coaching programs.
  • HBA Leadership Coach ApplicationPDF icon is the application that all leadership coach candidates must complete in order to be considered for the Leadership in Practice and Leadership Conference coaching programs.

Leadership Conference Coaching

The HBA approaches professional coaching as a partnership to assist you in maximizing your personal and professional potential. The offering of professional coaching services at the HBA Leadership Conference is designed to be a "preview" of possible longer term commitment to your professional development.

Individual coaching is a private, one-on-one session where you will be paired with a carefully selected professional leadership coach. You will have an opportunity to work on your key issues that will be identified in a pre-session questionnaire. This information will be held in strictest confidence and shared only with your assigned coach.

Leadership in Practice Coaching

This program offered small group coaching sessions as part of an three month engagement consisting of an online kickoff virtual event led by Freda Lewis-Hall MD; an ongoing online discussion; four virtual small group content sessions led by a professional leadership coach and a closing online event.