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HBA Events

Event Date Event Time Event Chapter/Affiliate Location
18 August 2022 05:00 PM Listening Tour - Session 2

Come out for a fun evening of HBA networking from the comfort of your home or office. This is your chance to meet chapter leaders, reconnect with existing friends, and even make new ones.

  • Primary Competency: 9. Networks and ethically self-promotes
Montgomery Corridor Virtual - Zoom
1 January 2022 08:00 AM WIHGB 2022 Program - Amplify your Impact

Are you looking for ways to accelerate your growth as a leader while advancing gender equality for local and global communities? Are you looking for volunteer opportunities that can provide learning,

  • Primary Competency: 8. Builds relationships and teams
HBA Global Virtual
13 October 2022 12:00 PM Meet the HBA: Networking at Noon

Your local HBA membership committee invites you to join us for a fun and informal gathering.

  • Primary Competency: 9. Networks and ethically self-promotes
Mid-Atlantic Region Virtual Meeting (Zoom)
31 August 2022 12:00 PM Boost Critical Soft Skills: Creativity, Problem Solving, Collaboration and More!

According to LinkedIn, the most in demand soft skills for business people today are creativity, problem solving, collaboration, adaptability and emotional intelligence.

  • Primary Competency: 12. Continues to learn, grow and transform
Los Angeles Virtual
6 December 2022 10:30 AM Making the Most of Your HBA Membership

Join us to learn about all the exciting opportunities that your HBA membership provides.

  • Primary Competency: 9. Networks and ethically self-promotes
Indianapolis Zoom