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HBA Events

Event Date Event Time Event Chapter/Affiliate Location
21 September 2022 05:00 PM Everyone Matters: Creating Solutions in DE&I for Improving Research and Clinical Trial Outcomes

Join our diverse panel to discuss how we can improve research and clinical trial diversity, equity & inclusion to address healthcare inequities.

  • Primary Competency: 11. Fosters innovation
HBA Global Virtual
1 November 2022 08:00 AM 2022 HBA Annual Conference
  • Primary Competency: 10. Facilitates change
HBA Global Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown
4 October 2022 12:00 PM WIH Give Back: Step Up, Step Out, Step Into Your SELF

WIHGB’s leaders will inspire and guide you through understanding how stepping up into new leadership challenges, and stepping out of your comfort zone, can inspire you to to realize your potential.

  • Primary Competency: 12. Continues to learn, grow and transform
HBA Global Virtual
28 September 2022 05:00 PM Let’s Get Personal on the DE&I Gap while Networking Session 1

Opportunity to network while discussing DE&I and how it impacts clinical and patient communities alike.

  • Primary Competency: 9. Networks and ethically self-promotes
HBA Global Zoom
18 October 2022 10:30 AM Making the Most of Your HBA Membership

Join us to learn about all the exciting opportunities that your HBA membership provides.

  • Primary Competency: 9. Networks and ethically self-promotes
Indianapolis Zoom