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Event Date Event Time Event Chapter/Affiliate Location
28 March 2023 06:00 PM How to Craft a Strong Personal Brand on LinkedIn

In this educational event you will learn about personal branding, why it's important and how can you use LinkedIn for your personal branding from Career Coach for expats, Fabiana Dantas Leal.

  • Primary Competency: 4. Displays professional presence
Frankfurt Virtual
20 April 2023 05:30 PM Thirsty Thursdays Monthly

Expand your network on the local level - join the Greater Washington Metro Chapter for this event!

  • Primary Competency: 9. Networks and ethically self-promotes
Greater Washington Metro True Food Kitchen (on the lakefront)
21 September 2023 12:00 PM Career Conversations 40

Career Conversation 40: Interrupting behaviors and practices that limit innovation

  • Primary Competency: 12. Continues to learn, grow and transform
HBA Global Virtual
8 October 2023 07:00 AM PST LEENA FLOW CALENDAR test - 2.24.23 Education event

Leena FLOW test - 2.24.23 Education event

  • Primary Competency: 4. Displays professional presence
HBA Global
17 May 2023 08:00 AM 2023 HBA Building Better Business Connections (3BC)
  • Primary Competency: 8. Builds relationships and teams
HBA Global Microsoft Times Square
New York

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