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Event Date Event Time Event Chapter/Affiliate Location
29 August 2022 06:30 PM HB8 Supper Club with Shannon Adkins - Thriving (and Driving) in the Face of Change

Let's discuss the ways in which we can collectively drive change, and how we can also thrive through constanct change. Shannon will provide key prompts for discussion, and facilaite a menaingful dialo

  • Primary Competency: 9. Networks and ethically self-promotes
San Francisco Bay Area Tribune
24 August 2022 05:30 PM Mix, Mingle, and Membership

Meet HBA-STL team and members to learn about HBA membership and engagement opportunities. Bring a friend!

  • Primary Competency: 9. Networks and ethically self-promotes
St. Louis Urban Chestnut - The Grove
St. Louis
15 September 2022 12:00 PM Career Conversations 36 - Developing a mindset for innovation

One of the best ways to show your value at your company is to contribute to its competitive edge, which is especially important as executive leaders try to grasp what the future holds after continuous seasons of disruption.

  • Primary Competency: 12. Continues to learn, grow and transform
HBA Global Virtual
29 September 2022 05:00 PM HBA New England Tomorrow's Executives and Amgen Massachusetts Leadership Series

Leadership Development: Leveraging your Individual Contributor Experience to become a strong and empathic leader (Part 2)

  • Primary Competency: 8. Builds relationships and teams
New England Region Virtual
16 August 2022 05:30 PM Driving Your Career: How to Stay Relevant when Change is Constant

Change is constant and life is uncertain. Be it in "unprecedented times" or not, how do you stay relevant and passionate in your career?

  • Primary Competency: 5. Determined to achieve
Toronto Virtual