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HBA networking - it can impact more than your career

HBA Chicago offers the unique opportunity to go beyond the professional connections and become a great personal network as well. We share common threads in our lives, from life-balance, wanting to make a difference, finding the right job, leadership challenges, that when woven together enrich our lives.

By Natalie Benamou, president-elect HBA Chicago

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HBA Chicago chapter president Kathy Relias welcomes you to an exciting 2013

Our programs and mentoring are a mainstay of the HBA. We are excited about bringing you quality programs that will build your knowledge and expose you to new information, connections, or skills in 2013.

Kathy ReliasIt is a great time to be in healthcare. We are at the forefront of change in this industry and the HBA is here to fuel your career, connect you with people that matter, and inspire you to take action.

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HBA Europe chapter and eyeforpharma embark on strategic partnership

The HBA Europe chapter and eyeforpharma, a hub for senior-level pharma executives, patient advocacy groups and other health experts to exchange ideas and stay up to date with shifting trends and practices within the pharmaceutical industry, are announcing their first steps to building a long-lasting strategic alliance. Both parties have started intense discussions about developing a fruitful partnership and are exploring avenues for sharing and exchanging ideas and experiences in this regard. Further discussions are scheduled to be held from a global perspective.

Presenting HB8 Supper Clubs

by Catherine Foo, Genentech USA, Inc.

A new addition to the regular line up of the HBA San Francisco chapter’s programming is the HB8 Supper Club. While similar in name to the dine-around events, HB8 differs in that there is no speaker or presentation - just informal social interactions between you and seven other HBA members. Each dinner brings together a table of up to eight HBA members and will be hosted by a board member or a member from the programs committee.

Tips for enjoying HB8 Supper Club events:

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Changing world and lifestyle: Drug development today and tomorrow briefing

By Priya Mitty

The 'Changing World and Lifestyle' event on Feb. 6th at Genentech, Inc. featured Sheila Babnis, global head of innovation management, Product Development for Roche, and Nelli Theyel, currently completing a doctoral dissertation in management studies with a focus on innovation management at the University of Cambridge.

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Mia Lyst receives HBA Indiana chapter Volunteer Recognition award for Q2 2013

Mia LystCongratulations to Mia Lyst for being recognized as our Volunteer of Quarter 2, 2013. Mia comes to the HBA organization from Pinnacle Solutions where she is a director for development and business analytics. Mia volunteers on the HBA Indiana chapter corporate relations committee and is a cross functional partner on the marketing committee.

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HBA Chicago chapter serving the greater Chicago and upper Midwest area presents Second City.

by Sheri Staak

At first, it may seem there is little correlation between the lighthearted, humorous world of improv comedy and the serious, no-nonsense world of business leadership. After all, we tend to think of one as play and the other as work. They’re at two opposite ends of the spectrum, right? Maybe so, but business and improv have much more in common than you might think–or at least, they should.

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