Calculating Career Risks and Rewards and Creating Coalitions | HBA

Calculating Career Risks and Rewards and Creating Coalitions

Whether you’re starting out in industry or have worked in it for many years, listen in to an authentic conversation with three senior leaders who will share their experience dealing with fear and ambiguity in the professional environment. They will focus on four key strategies:

  1. Calculating risk and possible rewards in personal professional lives, particularly in an ever changing environment
  2. Decisiveness as a muscle that must be exercised
  3. Demonstrating resilience in the face of failure, negative outcomes, or disruption
  4. Embracing and nurturing your personal/professional coalition. 


Emily Basca
, President, PEMC INC, ENGAGE Labs, LLC, Webinar Producer & Facilitator


Kari (Lauria) Delahunty
, President, Pharma/Life Sciences at Shearwater Health

Christian Nguyen
, VP, Global Patient Outcomes and Real World Evidence, Eli Lilly and Company

Soo Son
, Head, Global R&D Operations Business Transformation Office, GSK