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Business Acumen Tool for career advancement

Medical, legal, regulatory and compliance (MLRC) professionals play critical roles as the biopharmaceutical and device industries face new challenges that require bold thinking. When MLRC leads with a business mindset, they are more effective at asking strategic questions and helping to identify functional opportunities that enhance innovation, reputation and marketing excellence.

Our Business Acumen Tool identifies five key drivers of MLRC value. Simply place your cursor on the link and the drop down list of questions will appear: 

I help the business optimize the label to make the strongest and most critical claims for our products

I help the business make the case for reimbursement

I help the business ensure commercial advantage as regulatory climates shift

I help the business develop more effective and compliant selling materials

I help the business engender trust among external stakeholders to enhance company and product loyalty

Each driver listed above includes a drop-down list of questions that MLRC professionals can use to enhance interactions with their business partners and to help ensure that the entire team understands what is needed to drive the business. The answers to the drop-down questions can also be used as talking points to trigger new ideas and strategies and to communicate the value of the MLRC to commercial operations

In this podcast, five executive women from different companies share their thoughts on the tool’s value for your career:

Anita Burrell, head of global commercial effectiveness, Sanofi Diabetes
Carlotta Dillon, senior director, pipeline portfolio, Aptalis Pharma
Vickie Landolfi, associate vice president, global products, Sanofi Pasteur
Cathy Pariser, president, Pariser Consulting
Michelle Radney, senior director, portfolio management, established products business unit, Eisai

A poster on the Business Acumen Tool was accepted for presentation at the DIA 2014 50th Annual Meeting.

"Value story' podcasts:

Listen to Anne Arvizu, director, Baxalta Medical Affairs, speak on her value story of "medical information (functional awareness) "

Listen to Jennifer De Camara, assistant general counsel, Johnson & Johnson, speaker on her value story of "legal social media engagement"

Listen to Stacy Joseph-Reese, director, regulatory promotional review, Teva Pharmaceuticals, speak on her value story of "regulatory (internal guidances)"

Listen to Terri Ledva, senior manager of compliance, Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC, speak on her value story of "compliance speaker engagement"

There is also a mobile app with the Business Acumen Tool and other resources to accelerate leadership talent and impact. 

To download:  Go to iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to download Mobile Health Library. Launch our app, tap “Enter MHL App Code” and type “HBA”Tap “Submit” to launch.