Building Your Business Partnering Competencies

Ilyssa Levins, president, Center for Communication Compliance
Gerald Mosely, president and founder, CP&P Development, panelist
Richard Davis, president and CEO, Arbor Scientia, panelist 
Kristy Aro, associate director of business development, Arbor Scientia, panelist
Andrea Wilkinson, VP, operations, CareMetx
Melissa Elder, SVP, operations, Walnut Health

How effectively can you navigate cross-functional team dynamics when there are differences of opinion? Could your influencing skills be improved when interacting with professionals on your functionally diverse team? Are you confident in your ability to build a collaborative working environment? 

This three-hour seminar will help build your business partnering competencies and confidence so you can more effectively lead and/or contribute to cross-functional teams focused on digital transformation. Effective business partnering is critical to teams that want to:

  • decrease time spent coming to consensus around new projects requiring diversity of input
  • create a fertile environment for original thinking and out-of-the-box suggestions
  • accelerate the timeline for approving and implementing novel digital initiatives
  • build trust among cross-functional team members for greater job satisfaction and advancement

You will hear from life sciences professionals who have successfully completed the industry’s first Business Partnering Certificate Program focused on Digital Transformation: Andrea Wilkinson, VP, operations, CareMetx, and Melissa Elder, SVP, operations, Walnut Health. Program metrics show that program participants doubled their business partnering confidence and perceived effectiveness. Certificate program faculty will also contribute their expert advice to bring the learning objectives to life.

Learning objectives:

  1. Review why today’s ever-changing digital environment demands effective business partnering.
  2. Explore how to communicate effectively with different personality types and align your nonverbal and verbal communication for greater collaboration effectiveness.
  3. Define components for building a compelling business case that is embraced by cross-functional colleagues.
  4. Apply tips and techniques to a collaborative assignment focused on launching a digital initiative. 

The seminar format is lively, interactive, hands on and relevant for US and International professionals. You will have the opportunity to assess your confidence and perceived effectiveness in two key competencies for collaboration success: influencing skills and business planning. This seminar is appropriate for those with five to ten years of industry/business experience, primarily in one functional area who now find themselves working on cross functional digital initiatives and for professionals supporting pre-commercial and marketing products including:

  • Marketing, product management
  • Market access, patient relations
  • Compliance, ethics, quality
  • Medical affairs, legal, regulatory
  • Technology, public relations

A certificate of completion from the Center for Communication Compliance will be provided along with a 10-minute video on the digital ecosystem recording by Francoise Simon, PhD, professor at Columbia and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Simon is an internationally known author, speaker and consultant with recognized expertise in the digital transformation of healthcare.