Building Better People, Leaders & Teams: A 5-Lens Assessment (including the Enneagram)

Speaker: Christopher Lindberg, managing partner, Ennea International North America, LLC    

In today’s complex and highly-matrixed organizations, it has never been more important to understand human dynamics. Whether you’re seeking to maximize performance, facilitate change or develop stronger, more authentic relationships with others, it all begins with you.    

Utilizing the Five Lens Questionnaire (5LQ), participants in this seminar will begin a new journey of understanding themselves (and others) from a systems-thinking dynamic. The 5LQ models the complexity of humanity in a unique way, which is both powerful and easy to understand. Prior to arriving at the conference, each participant will complete the 5LQ profile, the results of which will be compiled into a Personal Feedback Report and distributed during the seminar. During the day, each of The Five Lenses will be explored:

  1. Personal mastery: Leveraging Dr. Peter Senge’s work on personal mastery and the learning organization, we’ll discuss the six components of mastery and what their measurements mean.
  2. Emotional resilience: This lens measures the way a person copes with stress and reacts in stressful situations.
  3. Social drives: Built upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and combined with Richard Barrett’s work on transcendence and entropy, participants will better understand what is currently driving personal behavior.
  4. Energy centers: Most people have an unconscious preference in how they process information and make decisions. We’ll discuss how this shows up, and how to lead others with this concept in mind.
  5. The Enneagram: An integrative model that demonstrates the complexity of the human operating system. Through this lens, we’ll dive into the concept of nature vs. nurture with neuroscience and consciousness.     

Interactive discussions and table breakouts reinforce and expand understanding, while providing time for new insights and connections. Participants will also learn how various personality traits relate to Tuckman’s model, natural team roles and leadership styles. By understanding how people are hard- and soft-wired, you can begin to understand (and sometimes predict) how they will act in each of the team stages, what roles they might naturally play in a team and how to adjust leadership styles based on those they lead.

Participants will receive a link to complete the 5LQ profile prior to the conference. 

Seminar Includes:

  • Lunch
  • Link to the 5LQ profile (for completion prior to the seminar) 
  • 40+ page Personal Feedback Report (PFR) summarizing your individual results
  • PFR summary dashboard 
  • Group analytics report 
  • Training manual with copies of the presentation material
  • Certificate of completion from Drexel University, LeBow College of Business, Corporate and Executive Education

Seminar fee:
$399 (Early registration)
$499 (Regular registration)
$599 (Late/onsite registration)


  • Leverage self-understanding to better effect bold change
  • Recognize the connection between the systemic nature of human behavior and personality
  • Review how relationships and teamwork can be enhanced by understanding predictive personality traits

Competency alignment:
This seminar complements the following competencies as described in the HBA Leadership Competency Framework.
8. Builds relationships and teams
1. Demonstrates integrity