Beyond Bias–Awareness, Disruption and Improvisation

Brooke Cartus, senior facilitator, ImprovEdge   

How do we unravel the cognitive reactions that underpin micro-judgments we make and how these decisions affect trust, loyalty and talent retention among employees? Join this mission critical discussion–how we deal with unconscious bias in the next 10 years will determine the success of enterprises, the retention of key employees and the ability to grow and innovate. Participants explore improvisational exercises that challenge their self-awareness and allow them to reflect on how their own bias impacts their team and organization. This workshop is important for all levels, all organizations. 

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn the challenges in reversing unconscious bias using improvisation.
  2. Practice cognitive exercises to assist in creating authentic change.
  3. Explore with three disruptors to manage unconscious bias with authenticity.