Be Yourself: How Authentic Leadership Drives Exceptional Results

Speaker: Mike Figliuolo, founder and managing director, thoughtLEADERS, LLC

Authenticity and trust are keys to leadership success. The Leadership Maxims method for creating your personal leadership philosophy is a straightforward method for helping your team understand who you are as a leader. Your maxims are a simple way to strengthen the bond of trust between you and your team members.

In this session, you will explore four aspects of leadership and how you can create your own practical leadership maxims to unlock the real leader inside you. This includes:

  • What the four aspects of leadership are and why they’re critical to being a well-rounded leader 
  • How to lead yourself (motivate, inspire and direct)
  • How to lead the thinking (vision, innovation)
  • How to lead your people (know them, inspire them, grow them)
  • How to lead a balanced life (boundaries, perspective)
  • How to articulate your leadership philosophy in a simple and accessible manner  

Use this session to reflect on your leadership style and learn how to apply this method to your professional situation.


  • Articulate your values and expectations to team members 
  • Describe how to build stronger bonds of trust with your team
  • Apply strategies to become a more predictable leader (which increases trust and allows team members to focus on the work and not your next move)

Competency Alignment:
This seminar complements the following competencies as described in the HBA Leadership Competency Framework.

8. Builds relationships and teams
1. Demonstrates integrity