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Allyship in Action

Activate your career – step forward and step up!

Allyship involves re-learning the way you see the world, viewing situations not from the lens of your own experience or perspective, but based on the realities and experiences of others. This presentation gives participants an opportunity to explore how they can take accountability to create a more inclusive workplace through active allyship. It provides a simple framework and tools that every leader can use to elevate marginalized voices by productively using their power and privilege in support.

In this presentation participants will:

  1. Understand what it means to be actively engaged in allyship
  2. Recognize how power and privilege can be used to support marginalized voices
  3. Identify opportunities to intervene in workplace marginalization and be empowered to speak up


Carolina Caro
, Leadership Coach, DEI Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Carolina Caro LLC

(Pre-recorded session only, no live Q&A)