All Aboard: The Virtual Team Train Has Left the Station...are You (and Your Teams) on Board?

Tara Powers, CEO and human connection champion, Powers Resource Center, LLC   

The proverbial virtual team train has left the station and there’s no going back. The use of virtual teams will continue to grow so organizations must recognize the unique challenges of virtual teams and invest in ongoing training and support to realize the benefits of virtual teams. Tara Powers is the foremost thought leader on virtual team best practices and key challenges, and she has been training virtual teams for many years. She conducted the most recent and relevant research on this topic and is the author of the book Virtual Teams for Dummies with Wiley publishing.

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify the top 10 predictors of virtual team success and which factor your company should focus on.
  2. Learn strategies to address the unique issues facing virtual teams including how to: instill a sense of team and culture, implement team training, prepare managers to lead a team they’ve never met face-to-face and create continuous feedback to ensure accountability and responsiveness.
  3. Identify the qualities to look for in a virtual team member and five key traits of a great virtual team leader.