Advancing Women’s Health Equity: Taking Diversity & Inclusion to the Next Level | HBA

Advancing Women’s Health Equity: Taking Diversity & Inclusion to the Next Level

Health systems globally are failing women with the pandemic only widening the gaps, particularly in women of color. Historically, women have been underrepresented in clinical research, understudied in scientific analyses, and underserved in clinical practice. Without greater emphasis on inclusion and quality care for women, we will be unable to deliver on the promise of precision medicine. An express focus on relevant biologic and social factors is critical for scientific innovation and advancing personalized care that has validity and applicability for all women.

Additionally, women’s health is actually a focus on broader public health, as women drive 90% of healthcare decision-making, control 80% of healthcare spending, make up 70% of the healthcare workforce, and are 75% more likely to use digital tools for healthcare than men.

Strong leadership is critical to closing the gap in disparities and making health equity a reality for all women.
This interactive session will explore the opportunity we have as women leaders in healthcare to shape and pioneer women-centered care and research. We will highlight:

  • Sex and gender disparities affecting clinical care and global public health
  • The importance of women, addressing the changing needs and new challenges their health
  • How to promote inclusion of women across the healthcare lifecycle


Stephanie Sassman, Executive Director, Portfolio Leader, Women's Health, Roche

Nicole Richie, Global Head, Health Equity and Population Science, Roche