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The HBA ACE Awards

Submissions for the 2022 HBA ACE Awards are now closed. The winners will be announced in the Fall.

In this new era of leadership, it is time for industry-wide visibility for your stellar organizational initiative that is helping support and advance ALL women in your workplace.

The HBA is in search of 2022 Advancement. Commitment. Engagement. (ACE) Award winning-initiatives. From the traditional like an internal women’s network to the more unique like a flexible parental leave support program—and everything in between that drives equity and opportunity—we want to spotlight programs that are:

  •     Accelerating innovation
  •     Driving measurable business outcomes
  •     Increasing in reach, scale and exposure

Advancement. Commitment. Engagement. is what the ACE awards are all about.

Despite the particular challenges our industry faced these last few years, we know our network carried on with opportunities that fostered a more equitable and inclusive community for women in the industry.

Make this THE year your company joins an elite group of progressive organizations.  

Join others who have committed to realizing the full potential of their female talent by fostering programs that deliver impactful and measurable results.  

Winning programs will be recognized at HBA’s Annual Conference in November.

View the brochure for more information.

Get an overview of the easy submission process here.

About the HBA ACE Awards

HBA’s Advancement. Commitment. Engagement. (ACE) Awards recognize companies committed to ensuring that gender diversity and leadership opportunities for women are part of their organizational DNA. An independent panel of healthcare industry leaders selects ACE Award recipients for their excellence in advancing their female talent and removing the systemic barriers preventing timely progress to parity. Award criteria include measurable results, business performance, stewardship, execution, and sustainability.

Learn about the 2021 ACE Award Winners by watching the below videos:

Merck’s Women’s Network


Otsuka’s Network of Otsuka Women (NOW)