Accelerated Leadership: Developing Influence Up, Down and Across the Organization

Carolina Caro, leadership coach, facilitator, speaker, Carolina Caro LLC   

Influence is an essential part of leadership that requires an individual to tap into and develop their personal power. This internal power, unlike positional power that is rooted in authority, originates from mastering three dimensions: our character, our communication skills and our confidence. When we take accountability for stepping into and owning these three dimensions, the ability to influence and manage up, down and across the organization becomes an extension of how we express our personal power. This experiential workshop allows participants to explore their level of influence and heighten their awareness of how to further enhance it.

Learning objectives:

  1. Explore the three dimensions of personal power and assess how they might be amplifying or detracting from their ability to influence others.
  2. Recognize how their personal power contributes to shaping their capacity to manage up, down and across the organization.
  3. Devise a personalized action plan to strengthen their personal power, and as a result, their level of influence across the organization.