20th Anniversary of Honorable Mentor | HBA

20th Anniversary of Honorable Mentor

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the HBA’s Honorable Mentor award, the HBA partnered with GenderWorks to conduct research on how men can be effective allies for women in the workplace.

Leveraging insight and testimonials from HBA’s Honorable Mentors, our goal was to document the experiences and perspectives of these industry leaders in order to foster greater awareness of successful “Men as Allies” strategies. The HBA and GenderWorks are releasing a series of five articles to share this intelligence as part of a multi-faceted approach to advocate and support parity and equity for all women in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

"Through observation, listening and learning, male allies come to deeply understand the systemic issues women confront that perpetuate gender inequities in their organizations. Equipping men to become male allies is a powerful and underutilized approach for companies to strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion.”
- Lisa Levey, founder, Genderworks

About GenderWorks

GenderWorks, experts on gender dynamics, work with organizations to proactively and positively engage men as diversity allies through coaching, male ally groups and the facilitation of gender partnerships to drive change.


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