2021 3BC Executive Event - Leading with Empathy | HBA

2021 3BC Executive Event - Leading with Empathy

Opening the Door to New Possibilities for an Equitable and Inclusive Workplace

Leading with empathy is the entryway to pivotal transformation. The vulnerability empathy requires is essential for the bold actions necessary to drive meaningful change for the future. 

The door is open to new possibilities. The antiquated policies and operating procedures of so many companies proved themselves unmalleable in the face of a global pandemic. Biases were magnified, and the absence of diversity at the table came to a head. 

We have the opportunity to continue the lessons learned to create a new vision for the future of the workplace, to bring diverse leadership to the table—turning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) into an unconscious standard rather than force-fitting it into outdated operating models. 

This event was for employees of HBA corporate partners, director-level and above. 

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